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General discussion > Bloc climbing centre expansion (from Ashley Greenvine Facebook) The other St Werburghs climbing centre, Bloc Climbing Centre on New Gatton Road, is hoping to expand into the

General discussion > TV company looking to stir up trouble in St Werburghs I lived in St Pauls in the 1980s and early 90s and a number of "community leaders" and "activists" were really pimps, drug dealers

General discussion > Black ice this morning leads to spike in cycling accidents If it reduces the number of two-wheeled prats with a sense of entitlement whizzing along the pavement (illegally) or jumping red lights (likewise), br

job vacancies & opportunities > City Farm Cafe is looking for an enthusiastic Head Chef St Werburghs City Farm Cafe is looking for an enthusiastic & motivated Head Chef. The right applicant will have the opportunity t

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