Top 3D Pens for Artists

Top 3D Pens for Artists

3D pens are frequently thought of as a toy or a device for kids who wish to learn about 3D printing. However, these 3D pens are clearly getting more popular and advanced, with more functions and materials compatible.

They enable users to manufacture a wide range of parts while also allowing them to express their vision and creativity at a low cost. For some purposes, the 3D pen, which uses fused deposition modeling technology, is a useful alternative to desktop 3D printers.It’s more portable and less bulky, and it doesn’t require any 3D modeling abilities or the use of a slicer because the item is made directly from the 3D pen.

However, it is important to understand that it has limitations and will not be ideal for the design of extremely complex pieces. Reviews Rabbit‘ve compiled a list of the finest 3D pens for a variety of 3D printing fans, dividing the options into three categories: children’s 3D pens, hobbyist 3D pens, and artists’ 3D pens.

Children’s IDO3D Vertical 3D Printing Pens

IDO3D has released the IDO3D Vertical, a 3D pen that offers a lot of room for creativity. It’s especially kid-friendly because you can draw by merely pressing on the attached color tube.

They also feature a tip that can be enlarged using the LED attachment that comes with them. A slide on which the artwork can be erected is also provided, as well as a book that describes how to use the pen.

Children's Printing Pens

Children’s Printing Pens

The price of a set containing a single 3D pen varies depending on the number of colors included. Tubes with additional effects, such as glitter, are also accessible in terms of color selection.

MYNT 3D Junior 2 is a sequel to MYNT 3D

The MYNT 3D Junior 2 was created with children in mind, as its name suggests. It’s has an ergonomic design and a low-temperature nozzle to keep kids’ hands from getting burned. The 3D pen uses standard 1.75mm PCL filaments and is incompatible with PLA and ABS.
This 3D pen is powered by a battery and charges via a USB connector. The MYNT 3D website sells the 3D pen for $40, which includes instructions, a USB cord, and three rolls of filament.


The 3DoodlerStart is great for someone who is just getting started with 3D printing, or in our case, 3D pens. Its distinguishing feature is the filament used, known as “Ego Plastic.” It’s biodegradable and requires a far lower extrusion temperature than typical filaments like PLA or ABS, so kids may safely handle it.
Additional accessories are available for the pen. It has a rechargeable battery and costs $49.99 without the kit.

3D Pen Nulaxy

The Nulaxy 3D pen is the first 3D pen on the market featuring voice prompts, which can assist children learn how to use it more quickly. It has two buttons for control, and the feed is automatic to reduce hand fatigue. Both ABS and PLA filament can be used with this best 3D pen.

Children as young as 5 years old can use this pen, according to the manufacturer, because it was designed to fit in their hands. The pen comes with 6 different colors of PLA filament (10 feet each) so you can get started right away!
3D Pencil

Top 3D Pens for Artists

Top 3D Pens for Artists

Basic 3DSimo

The 3DSIMO BASIC 3D pen is designed for kids and uses 1.75mm PCL filament, just like the MYNT 3D Junior. The filament in the set, for example, does not need to be cut, making it simple for a youngster to use. This 3D pen is 73 grams in weight. It also fits in little hands, with measurements of 150mm x 28mm x 22mm. For under $90, you receive the pen, a battery, and the 48 filaments shown above.


The Fede 3D Pen is designed for novices, artists, and 3D printing aficionados, but owing to the standby mode and two finger guards included with the 3D Pen, it may also be used by toddlers. The Fede 3D Pen is compatible with ABS and PLA filaments and includes an LCD screen for controlling printing speed and temperature.

The pen uses a USB connection to charge and has a 0.6 mm nib diameter. Finally, the pen includes a user handbook as well as 3D sketching stencils for creating unique prints.