The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle

The Best $1200 PCP Air Rifle

Today, we’ll take a look at several serious airguns and give our recommendations for the finest $1200 PCP air rifle from Hard Air Magazine.

At this pricing point, you’re in the performance upper echelon of the airgun market. The “ultimate” or “luxury” models are still much more expensive, but for $1200, you get a high-quality product that will almost certainly shoot better than you!

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifles will undoubtedly dominate the upper end of the market in 2020. You’ll already have – or know you’ll need – an appropriate High Pressure Air (HPA) tank or compressor if you buy one of  Air Gun Maniac . You’ll recognize the importance of using a dessicant system to fill your rifle with dry air.

If you’re paying this much money, you’re not going to use a hand pump…

You’ll also require a good riflescope and mounts. Unless a large dealer has a promotional bundle with a model like these, bundled scopes are only found at the lowest end of the air rifle market.

So, yep, you’ll probably spend twice as much on one of these $1200 PCP air guns with all the attachments. But it’ll be a lot less expensive than buying a beat-up Corvette for fun, as many people do, and it won’t be a “money pit” either!

We’ve chosen three models as the best PCP air rifle for your selection. All of them are Gold Award winners from Hard Air Magazine. In our industry-leading standardized review exam, they all received a whopping 94 percent or 95 percent.
Let’s take a look at… in alphabetical order.

You'll also require a good riflescope and mounts

You’ll also require a good riflescope and mounts

Brocock Concept Lite is the first product in the Brocock Concept line.

1. Brocock Concept Lite

2. Dreamlite FX

3. HW100 Weihrauch

All three types are PCPs, cost about the same, and have nearly comparable HAM scores. Despite the fact that they are three quite different sorts of airguns, choosing between them will be a lot of fun!

The Brocock Concept Lite air rifle is a favorite of the HAM Team. In fact, we really enjoy it!

The Concept Lite is the latest addition to the company’s semi-bullpup PCP platform, which began with the Compatto (which is still available) a few years ago.

It’s simple and enjoyable to shoot. It has a strong, thick feel to it, but it isn’t huge or heavy. It’s accurate with a variety of pellets, so there’s no need to spend time looking for the “ideal pellet” for this pistol.

Because of the extensive customization options, it’s simple to make your Concept Lite truly unique. This has to be a strong candidate if you appreciate the trendy, tactical “black gun” style.

The FX Dreamlite air rifle is a fantastic shooting machine. The trigger and cocking motion are magnificent, and the accuracy is superb. Consistency is also first-rate.

When viewed solely as an air gun, the Dreamlite is a fantastic buy. When the possibility for versatility is factored in, though, it rises to a whole new level. This is an air rifle that will grow with you as your shooting preferences vary. It has a capability that no other airgun on the market can equal.

The renowned HAM Gold Award goes to the Weihrauch HW100 PCP air rifle.

This is a traditional wood and metal air rifle that avoids the current trend of multi-adjustable stocks while still feeling natural to fire. It shoots a wide assortment of pellets with outstanding accuracy and has a large capacity clip for lots of rapid-fire shots if needed

The regulated action maintains muzzle velocity throughout a lengthy shot string, and the power is around 17 – 18 Ft/Lbs in.177, making it an excellent choice for serious Field Target shooters.


HW100T Weihrauch With Moderator

And the Best PCP Air Rifle Under $1200 Is…

Whichever one you prefer! The HAM Team is unable to choose amongst them. As a result, it will be a matter of personal preference.

The Weihrauch HW100 is the obvious choice if you prefer the “classic look” of a full-length air rifle. PCP Tester Doug Rogers, a HAM specialist, owns one, so that’s a recommendation in and of itself.

It provides the utmost in adaptability

It provides the utmost in adaptability

With a wide variety of pellets, the Brocock Concept Lite provides excellent accuracy. That’s a rare occurrence, and it’s a major advantage for many shooters. It means that the gun will most likely function with their preferred pellets rather than necessitating a lengthy hunt for a new “ideal pellet.”

The Dreamlite is more than simply a gun; it’s the gateway to a complete shooting system. It provides the utmost in adaptability.

You can choose from a variety of stocks (wood and synthetic), configurations (takedown, standard, and bullpup), calibers, power levels, barrel liners, and more if you possess a Dreamline air rifle. This “system” approach has a lot of potential for airgunners who want to learn more about it.