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Traffic scheme underway in Mina Road

Wednesday 5 October 2016

7th Oct 2016
Update from BCC highways officer (via Jon Rogers) The change of priority and the associated kerb works at the junction of Gatton Road and Mina Road was implemented to create a gateway into Mina Road / St Werburghs and is not intended to divert traffic into Gatton Road. This aims to slow motorists as they come off the M32 slip road and to enhance the weight limit signing, which was previously positioned at the back edge of the footway.
Such a change to highway layout does not require a traffic regulation order, which is why it was not included in the statutory consultation you refer to. The statutory consultation was required for the parking restriction review and the road closures on Sevier Street.
For information, the wider scheme is now nearing completion with just the footway widening opposite the Post Office to complete next week followed by tree planting on the Sevier Street road closure islands and at the junction with Gatton Road in the winter. There are also a few short lengths of waiting restrictions that need to be completed where our contractors have struggled to get access to carry out the work.

5th Oct 2016
Council contractors are now implementing the proposals to calm traffic coming north along Mina Road from the motorway. The scheme is not without controversy, some fearing that it will push traffic into rat runs through residential streets such as Horley Road and Mogg Street. The idea is to slow traffic by changing the road design in the stretch between the motorway and the mini roundabout. We shall see if it leads to an improvement. Work has also been done on Sevier Street ending its status as a 'through route'.


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