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Same mugger may have robbed 5 elderly people in Fishponds

Friday 27 January 2017

Update 1.2.2017(B.Post) Same mugger may have robbed five 'vulnerable' elderly people in Fishponds, Bristol
By EmmaGrimshaw

Five elderly people have been violently mugged within three weeks of each other in the same area of Bristol. Police confirmed today that there has been unprecedented spate of robberies on elderly residents in the Fishponds area since the middle of last month. Most of the attacks have happened either in broad daylight or during the early evening.

Police say they are keeping an open mind about whether the incidents were committed by one suspect or several - but say there are similarities between the cases, with a bike being mentioned in several attacks and a man in his early 20s also described by a number of victims. Last week there was huge outcry from shocked residents when harrowing photographs of pensioner Naomi Roberts, who was attacked in Eastville Park, were released. She sustained a fractured cheekbone and broken collarbone when she was robbed in broad daylight in Eastville Park.

Earlier today, officers released information about an 87-year-old who was brutally attacked from behind as she walked along Radley Road. The attack happened a day after Mrs Roberts was targeted. Now police have revealed there have been another three cases involving, two elderly women and one man, since January 11. Neighbourhood sergeant for the Bristol East team, Helen Briddall, said: "The victims of these crimes are all elderly and vulnerable people but we are not looking at the crimes as a series as such. "Patrols in the area have been stepped up and we are investigating CCTV. Thankfully violent crimes are rare in this area. Descriptions have been varied, it's been hard for these people to describe what they saw, because it was such distressing circumstances. Some cases involved a bike - but not all them. We've had descriptions of a male in his 20s. We are keeping an open mind about whether it just one offender or several."

27.1.2017 (B.Post) Man in his 20s wanted after the Eastville Park attack
By Emma Grimshaw
Police are hunting for a man in his 20s with a pushbike following a horrific attack where a elderly woman had her collar bone broken and cheek bone fractured following the vicious ordeal sparked outrage across Bristol. The 75-year-old was targeted while she walked her dog in Eastville Park during the middle of the day. The mother, who lives in St Werburgh's, was pushed to the ground and had her handbag stolen.

She has now been released from hospital and her condition is improving.

As part of of Avon and Somerset's on-going enquiries, detectives would like to speak to a man regarding this incident. He is described as white, of slight build, in his early 20s and around 5ft 9ins tall. He was wearing a tight fitting dark coloured woollen hat, dark coloured jacket, dark trousers and was in possession of a pushbike. The bike has been described as dark grey and may have a small bike rack on the rear. He was carrying a spare cycle wheel on his back. It is thought he cycled off towards the car park of Tesco Eastgate.

A spokesman for the force said: "We are also appealing for anyone with information regarding the victim's stolen handbag. It is described as a 'Trooper London', dark grey canvas shoulder bag. A photo of a similar bag is attached. The handbag might have been discarded in the Eastville Park or Eastgate shopping centre areas. Anyone with information is asked to call us now on 101 and quote crime reference number 5217016482."


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