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Proposed treeworks in St Werburghs Churchyard

Sunday 27 November 2016

The Bristol Climbing Centre has made an application to prune some trees in St Werburghs churchyard and remove others using Branch Walkers tree Services Ltd. of Sea Mills. The trees around St Werburghs Church are the most historic in the neighbourhood and the large trees are all covered by Tree Preservation Order 435.

The trees are not in a poor condition or at risk of breaking nor are they causing any structural damage to the church building. The reason given for the work is that the specified trees are obstructing the footpath – it is unclear if this is the footpath within the grounds or the public footpath outside. They propose lifting the crown of two Holly trees and two Yew trees. They also propose to lift the canopy of the magnificent Cedar of Lebanon at the corner of Mina Road and St Werburgh’s Park. . Some small , probably self-seeded Elder trees will also be removed as part of the operation.

The large trees were planted in the early 1880s and are around 140 years old so it is hoped they will be treated with due care. The Climbing Centre has got challenges looking after St Werburghs most important building,with graffiti tagging up for months, boarding up stained glass windows instead of protecting them with mesh, and problems caused by pigeons nesting.


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