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Neglected buildings in St Werburghs

Saturday 7 May 2016

In contrast to the investment that has gone into various local enterprises such as The City Farm, the Community Centre, local schools and now a handful of neighbourhood restaurants, it is becoming even more striking how neglected some local buildings have become.

For example, The Miners Arms is part of a successful local chain of pubs run by brewers, Dawkins. Their other pubs, such as The Hillgrove, The Victoria, The Portcullis and The Green Man have been tastefully maintained inside and out yet The Miners has been allowed to decline to a very poor state, despite attracting large numbers of punters each night.

The building opposite Mina Road Park, known as 'Kernow Trading' can take the award for the most neglected building in St Werburghs, covered in tags and basically falling apart. It is in a shocking state and blights the immediate area. Imagine the improvement if it was restored or replaced by a new development. Yet, apparently owned by Mr Iqbal of Stapleton Road, it has been left to rot for decades, presumably with the intention of profiteering somewhere down the line, like our own local Carriageworks.

Finally St Werburghs Food & Wine shop had considerable investment from Bristol City Council, including the attractive murals on its wall. Constant tagging has removed any charm it had and it's owner does not seem to notice or care about the neglect.

It will be interesting to see if any of these owners have enough civic pride to turn things around.


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