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Labour & Green Party win the 3 Ashley seats in local elections

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Corbynista Labour derailed the green advance across the battleground of central Bristol including our own ward of Ashley.

The Green Party in Bristol had been gathering momentum over recent years with both of Ashley’s councillors being part of expanding green cohort. Rob Telford moved across to stand in Bristol Central ward while Gus Hoyt remained to try to hold the seat he had won only last year.

Ashley ward voters were under represented compared to some other wards so a third seat was made available in these elections. All Bristol seats were up for grabs this year to end the frequent partial local elections and replace it with a 4-yearly plebiscite for Mayor and the whole Council.

The turnout in Ashley, on a fine sunny day, was about 52%, as usual one of the highest in Bristol.

Two new Labour party candidates came top – Mike Davies and Carole Johnson (who actually lives in St Werburghs) - both had over 2500 votes, as did 3rd placed Jude Brew-English of the Green Party. These three were therefore elected the new councillors for Ashley ward.

Gus Hoyt received over 2300 votes and so, after a brief political career which included being a member of George Ferguson’s cabinet is intending to focus on surfing off North Devon for now.

Labour’s John Halpin gained around 2100 votes and Simon Stafford-Townsend of the Green Party, almost 2000. In other words the top 6 candidates in Ashley got more votes than most of the winners in other wards. Ashley ward still feels under represented.

The Liberals had a latish bid for seats in Ashley but still don’t seem to have shaken off the taint of coalition government with the Tories, despite the respected and experienced Jon Rogers being one of the candidates – he received about 1200 votes. The Tories came in with the bottom 3 places in Ashley, hardly a surprise.


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