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Brooks outline application approved subject to S016 agreement

Tuesday 25 October 2016

SWNA Brooks Planning Group
On Wednesday 19th October, the application to develop the Brooks site was heard by Development Control Committee A at City Hall. The application was for 102 residential dwellings, 952 square metres of commercial/community space, and associated infrastructure. The application was outline only, meaning the applicant was seeking permission just for the size, general makeup of the development and access, with all other matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) held back until what is called the Reserved Matters stage. The Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the officer's recommendation to approve the outline application subject to the applicant signing a S106 agreement to secure 24 affordable dwellings. The permission is also subject to various other planning conditions including Planning Condition 17 - off-site highway measures. The Officers Report and Recommendations is available on the Bristol City Council website 24 affordable dwellings secured but chimney to be demolished Having offered Zero affordable dwellings in their application, the applicant eventually offered 20 to the Council, but the BCC Officers’ insisted on 24 on the basis of the viability assessment that the Council had commissioned. It is now up to the applicant to decide if they will sign the S106 for the 24 affordable units. If they don't sign then they won't have the outline permission, and in effect the application will be refused. It’s now a waiting game to see if the applicant will actually sign.

Brooks Planning Group submitted a written statement to the committee in advance of the meeting and also made a verbal statement to the committee on the night. We reiterated our position that we could not support the application due to the critical variances from the Community Plan for the site and because the application was Outline rather than a Full application – almost all the detail in the application is indicative not binding. The draft minutes of the committee meeting are now available link here

What happens next?
· We have to wait and see if the applicant secures the outline application by signing the S106 legal agreement for 24 affordable homes. This could be quick or it could take a long time. Given the applicant was hoping for outline permission with zero affordable homes, they may not sign at all.
· If the applicant does sign thus securing the outline permission it will then choose to either:
o Develop the site themselves; or
o Sell the site to a developer.
· An application for full (reserved matters) planning permission would then need to be made in order to actually develop the site. Brooks Planning Group would be consulted again at this stage of the process, and will of course be back in touch with the St Werburghs community. Again, it could take a while before a full application comes forward, or it could happen quickly.
· Brooks Planning Group will continue to represent the community and will update you again as soon as we hear anything new. You can also keep up to date with developments by checking the following: here
o Or search Facebook for Brooks Planning Group

Written by Brooks Planning Group: 25th October 2016 Brooks Planning Group is part of St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association (SWNA) and we are registered with Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network (NPN)


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