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(Travel West) Bristol On-street Bike Hangars roll out

Monday 25 July 2016

Travel West are pleased to announce the street groups that have been successful in the first phase of the Bristol Bike Hangar scheme. In no particular order of priority or progression, they are:
• Richmond Road at 2, Ashley
• Mina Rd at 227-233, Ashley
• Churchlands Road, Bedminster
• Chessel Street, Bedminster
• Cornwallis Crescent, Clifton
• Cornwallis Avenue, Clifton
• Devon Road, Easton
• Anstey Street, Easton
• Lawn Road, Frome Vale
• Somerset Road at 48, Knowle
• Somerset Road at 117, Knowle
• Belton Road, Lawrence Hill
• Stapleton Road at Crisis Centre, Lawrence Hill
• Howard Road, Southville
• Exeter Road, Southville
• Stretford Road, St George West
• Almorah Rd & Hill Avenue, Windmill Hill

These sites have been chosen based on the information submitted through the application process. We have distributed the bike hangars across as many wards as possible, namely Ashley, Bedminster, Clifton, Easton, Frome Vale, Knowle, Lawrence Hill, Southville, St George West, and Windmill Hill.
What happens next? We will work with the group leaders to determine the feasibility of the on-street locations that have been suggested by each of them. However, in exceptional circumstances the location may regrettably not be suitable. If this is the case, we will endeavour to seek alternative locations and if this still proves too difficult to achieve we will then have to consider an alternative street group taken from the waiting list. The following groups are currently at the top of the waiting list, and we will look at the feasibility of these sites at the same time:
• Vivian Street, Windmill Hill
• Stanley Hill & Hillside Street, Windmill Hill
• Turley Road, Easton
• Greenbank Road, Southville
Successful street groups will be taken forward in batches of 4 or 5. Please keep in mind that this project has until March 2018 to be completed. We are looking to begin the first batch of installations by end of summer 2016, and we will advise each of the street’s group leaders which batch they have been allocated to and when they might expect a Bike Hangar to be installed on their particular street.

Why are you installing bike hangars, and what are they?
We want to encourage everyone to get on their bikes more often by installing secure bike hangars parking onto residential streets. Bristol’s first bike hangar was installed in April 2015 by a group of Windmill Hill residents and was a community led initiative. Since then more funding has been secured to provide more hangars across the city. A bike hangar is a covered, lockable and secure pod which sits on the road. It takes up about the same amount of space as a parked car and it can hold 6 bikes securely. It’s a safe and cheap alternative for people who lack space in their homes to store their bikes. There is a small annual rental charge to hire a space in a bike hangar, part of a membership renewable each year.


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