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(Bristol Post) St Werburghs looks set to lose its iconic chimney

Monday 24 October 2016

St Werburgh's looks set to lose its iconic chimney as 100 new homes are built. One of the biggest housing developments in the St Werburgh's area has seen in years has been given the go ahead with 102 new houses and flats set to be built.

The three-storey building at the former laundry on Ashley Grove Road will consist of a mix of 81 houses and 21 flats. The plans were approved by councillors at meeting on Wednesday. Around 24 per cent of the new homes will be affordable, which falls far short of the council's target of 40 per cent.

Scores of residents complained about the development which will also see 952 square metres of commercial and community floorspace being created as well. Dan Carey, of Brooks Planning Group, said the proposals fell 'considerably short' of the group's community vision. He said this was because developers planned to destroy the 'iconic chimney' and not offer any improvements to the nearby play park. The Brooks Dye Works chimney is a landmark which can be seen towering above the streets of St Werburgh's. Residents in the area have long campaigned for it to be saved from demolition.

Councillor Stephen Clarke, who represents Southville and sits on the planning committee, said it was 'good idea'. The Green councillor said: "The area is in need of housing. We were concerned about the lack of affordable housing but were impressed with the work council officers did on this in negotiating with developers. I was also concerned about the chimney but was told that it is currently in a dangerous condition so it doesn't look good for the chimney."


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