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(B.Post) Is this the weirdest piece of street art in Bristol?

Saturday 7 January 2017

By Tristan Cork
Bristol has had Banksy's political wit, Inkie's technical brilliance and even a mystery artist sticking yellow foam insulation tubes onto the heads of the city's statues – but now another Bristol artist has created what is almost certainly the most surreal work of street art the city has seen yet.

New for 2017, this shockingly colourful, weird and visually disturbing work of art has just been painted on the side of a house in St Werburgh's (opposite St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School). Reminiscent of everything from Picasso to hallucinogenic work of The Beatles Yellow Submarine film, it was painted by Tom Miller, who is fast establishing a reputation as a creator of chaotic and surreal murals.

Talking to the Cosmic Traveller blog, Mr Miller said: "I like magical stuff and making things! "I'm not entirely sure why I like making stuff but I love looking at everything and I guess I like trying to create new things to look at, and try pushing what we can see in this physical world," he added. Residents of St Werburgh's are still getting used to the surreal work of art now dominating one street end.


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