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(B.Post) Full Moon Drum festival cancelled after noise complaints

Saturday 14 January 2017

By EsmeAshcroft1
One of Bristol's most bizarre and secretive festivals has been cancelled after complaints from neighbours. Organisers of the Full Wolf Moon Gathering Drum Circle and Fire Jam in St Werburghs have taken to Facebook to announce that the monthly party has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. It is understood that the regular event, which was due to take place under the stars this evening, has been dropped due to noise and litter complaints from nearby residents.

One of the organisers on Facebook said: "After considering the impact (of which I am glad to hear) from everyone whether it is environmental, sound or rubbish etc, I have this evening spoken to the other organisers and we have now all come to the agreement that the event is cancelled and that there will be no more full moon gatherings at the mound for the near future. It is the end of an era for us and a new leaf in the book."

Held on Narroways Hill off Mina Road in St Werburghs, the festival was a place for revellers to meet, make music, dance, sing, play instruments and play with LED and fire toys throughout the night of a full moon. According to the Facebook event page, which has since been deleted, the founders described the festival as a "conscious event" and asked attendees to refrain from bringing sound systems and to pick up after themselves. The organisers appear keen to dissuade party-goers for holding their own version of the festival. The spokesperson stated: "We have overseen the organisation of these events since day one. No one else is an organiser or a representative, despite how it may seem. We lay the foundations each time for what follows and without the drums or wood the event doesn't happen.

"Working with the Narroways Trust and community we may do something again one day but only within reason and on good terms. Thank you to everyone who made it such a special celebration over the years. We ask for your understanding and acceptance over cancelling the event and wish the community a good night's sleep."

(Webeditor – a spokesperson for the Narroways Trust stated “we are grateful to the Full Moon Group for coming to this decision and we will open a dialogue with them in the future. The main damage to the hill, however, comes not from this group but the large parties who occasionally gather there such as the hundreds of people who left such a mess after Guy Fawkes Night last year. If necessary we will work with the police and lock up the site to prevent such large scale abuse of a local nature reserve”)


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