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(B.Post)Councillor Jon Rogers 'mobile phone stolen after collision

Thursday 28 February 2013

Councillor Jon Rogers' mobile phone was stolen while on phone to police after collision

A councillor had his mobile phone stolen while reporting an incident to police. Jon Rogers, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in Bristol, was involved in a collision while on his bike and his phone was taken while he was contacting police, he said on Twitter last night.

In response to reports on the social networking site that Dr Rogers, who represents Ashley ward, had been knocked off his bike, he set the record straight. He said: 'Not knocked off my bike, but in collision. Mobile stolen while on phone to police. A little shaken, but otherwise OK.'


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December 2015 continued

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Campaign against future gas-powered power station in St Werburgh's gathers more support at meetingBy ...   more

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A proposal for a gas-powered electricity generator in one of Bristol's most bohemian neighbourhoods ...   more

Application to build new house near Lynmouth Road allotments — 5 October 2015

A planning application has been lodged by Chedburn Design to build a new two-storey end of terrace h ...   more

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Despite the objections of local residents the Saxon Road green space site owners, Dainton Group Ltd. ...   more

(Councillor Rob Telford) Application for student flats withdrawn — 1 October 2015

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August 2015

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As stated in the application, the site is a large building of very little architectural merit so any ...   more

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Over 50 people protested on 25th July outside Liv n Let property agency on Mina road in St Werburghs ...   more

(B.Post) Bristol teenager Maisie Moran found after police appeal' — 27 July 2015

Teenager Maisie Moran has been found after a widespread appeal. Police launched an appeal to find ...   more

(B.Post) Missing teenager Maisie Moran last seen in St Werburghs' — 27 July 2015

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This lunchtime a fire engine and four firefighters were required to deal with a grass fire on the Se ...   more

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Proposed traffic scheme for St Werburghs — 30 June 2015

by Simon Chapman Bristol City Council is proposing some changes to waiting (and no parking) restric ...   more

(B.Post) Eight cycling blackspots in Bristol — 21 June 2015

Ian Onions Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Bristol with more people taking to their bik ...   more

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