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(AWT) My Wild happening in St Werburghs!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Last year Avon Wildlife Trust launched their My Wild City project. With different communities around Bristol we’ve been working hard to create wildlife friendly spaces that people can enjoy too. Some examples so far include transforming a residential street in Easton into a nature haven (My Wild Street) and creating a place for both people and wildlife in the BBC Natural History Unit garden (My Wild Office).

We’re now focusing on My Wild Neighbourhood taking place in St Werburghs. We’ll be asking the community to participate in our citizen science project focusing on hedgehogs and we need you to get involved! Over the course of 5 consecutive nights and using our footprint survey tunnels, we want you to survey your back garden for hedgehogs. Each night watch the magic appear before your eyes: footprints of all the little (and maybe big) creatures that move around your garden while you’re sleeping! You can have a go at identifying the footprints and let us know if you think you’ve found any signs of hedgehogs.

We’ll then be asking you to put a hedgehog-sized hole in your garden boundaries to allow hedgehogs to roam free between gardens. Finally a second round footprint tunnel surveys will tell us if your local hedgehogs have been making use of that extra space! All participants will receive a plaque to put above their hedgehog-hole to ensure they stay open.

If you'd like to sign up to participate in this simple yet exciting citizen science project please email You can also keep up to date with our goings on via our Facebook page. If you have any questions relating to My Wild Neighbourhood please contact Alice Lawrence -


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