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December 2010

(E.Post) Minister to visit city eco community — 31 December 2010

Housing Minister Grant Shapps is due to visit an award-winning eco-homes community in Bristol next w ...   more

St Werburghs Mummers beat the winter chill — 19 December 2010

St Werburghs Mummers produced their topical mummers play for the fourth year in a row making it offi ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report October & November 2010 — 19 December 2010

Crime levels have continued to stay relatively low during October and November. Burglary There w ...   more

(E.Post) City schools gaining on rivals — 15 December 2010

Primary schools in South Gloucestershire and North Somerset are being caught up by their neighbours ...   more

(BBC & E.Post) Chickens killed in City Farm attack — 14 December 2010

BBC BristolAnimals at St Werburghs City Farm in Bristol have been moved for the Christmas period aft ...   more

(E.Post) Crews tackle kitchen fire — 13 December 2010

St Werburghs: Fire and rescue crews dealt with a fire in a house in Sussex Place. They were call ...   more

(E.Post) Former fuel stations to be redeveloped — 8 December 2010

Two former petrol filling station sites in Bristol have been sold to private clients and will be use ...   more

(E.Post) Man attacked officer who woke him up — 3 December 2010

A St Werburgh's man who told magistrates he was assaulted and left unconscious in the street was fin ...   more

The Gnome House up for sale — 3 December 2010

Webeditor The 'Bristol Gnomes House' is up for sale at £400,000. It was built by Graham and Martin G ...   more

November 2010

Recent break in — 27 November 2010

(Avon & Somerset Police) There has been a burglary in the area. It took place in Trentham Close b ...   more

(E.Post) Man is injured in forecourt attack — 25 November 2010

A man suffered facial injuries after he was attacked in a garage forecourt. The man was assaulted ...   more

(E.Post) Rok deal saves 100 jobs — 25 November 2010

One hundred construction jobs have been saved after a Gloucestershire-based building company agreed ...   more

(E.Post)Parks group supports selling off green spaces — 24 November 2010

A Bristol parks group has produced a list of 20 reasons to support Bristol City Council's green spac ...   more

(New Start Magazine) Building for Life winners unveiled — 22 November 2010

Ten housing schemes have won accolades in this year's Building for Life awards. From a small self ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report September 2010 — 21 November 2010

Fortunately there seems to have been a big decrease in local crime in September with no burglaries i ...   more

Planning application for Roseberry Court start up units — 10 November 2010

Hughes Property of Redland has submitted an application for the erection of three start up worksho ...   more

(Jack FM) Bristol jobs at risk at Bristol building firm — 8 November 2010

A building services firm that has two offices in Bristol has gone into administration, putting many ...   more

October 2010

Cleaning up Ashley & district (but especially St Werburghs) — 31 October 2010

Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood Partnership for Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill are organisi ...   more

(E.Post) Troubled Joe took his own life — 23 October 2010

By andy sloan Lonely, homesick and after selling his belongings to keep his new love content, a ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report August 2010 — 14 October 2010

There continued to be a significant level of burglaries in St Werburghs during August 2010 (which fo ...   more

Duke of York applies for later beer garden licence — 14 October 2010

The Duke of York has made an application to legalize the later opening of its beer garden.They have ...   more

(E.Post) Students make tracks in helping'community — 12 October 2010

Building fences and pathways, students from Brislington Enterprise College got to work at St Werbu ...   more

The Victoria pub up for sale (updated) — 8 October 2010

Punch Taverns have advertised The Victoria pub for sale alongside other public houses in their portf ...   more

Looks like The Miners'is going to be on 'Casualty 'again — 4 October 2010

Filmed this morning 

September 2010

(E.Post) Pub art display will help charity — 30 September 2010

A pub in St Werburgh's will exhibit artwork to raise money to improve living conditions for youn ...   more

(Cabe) Housebuilders recognise the importance of quality — 29 September 2010

'Building for Life' national standard for well-designed homes A record 55 new housing schemes hav ...   more

Burglars nabbed — 28 September 2010

Good news. After the recent spate of local burglaries the police have arrested and charged two offen ...   more

Another very good arts trail this year — 26 September 2010


St Werburghs Crime Report July 2010 — 19 September 2010

There has been a significant increase burglaries in St Werburghs during July 2010. Here are the deta ...   more

Application to alter Mina Rd shops rejected — 19 September 2010

The recent application by Ashtiaq Ashrif for the redevelopment of two of the Mina Rd shops has been ...   more

(Creative Boom) Outdoor performance at Boiling Wells — 2 September 2010

Kilter Theatre, a sustainable theatre group, tonight kicks off its low-carbon tour of 4 allotment si ...   more

(Evening Post) Community shows off its artistic side — 1 September 2010

More than 50 artists from Bristol will entertain visitors on the St Werburgh's Arts Trail later this ...   more

August 2010

Break in at Weedon Close (and another at Treefield Place) — 24 August 2010

A burglary occurred in Treefield Place sometime between 10.30am on 28th and 2am on 30th August. It ...   more

Yet another break in at St Werburghs Park (and Briavel's Grove). — 11 August 2010

There have been 3 break-ins now in just over a week in terraced houses on St Werburghs Park with the ...   more

(Duke of York on facebook) Duke of York beer garden threatened — 10 August 2010

'Last night we received a visit from the licensing authorities acting on the basis of a series of c ...   more

(E.Post) Man attacked aerials on police car — 3 August 2010

A man with mental health problems tore three aerials from a police car before admitting his crim ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report June 2010 — 1 August 2010

In general there were again low levels of crime in St Werburghs during June 2010. Here are the detai ...   more

July 2010

Two Mina Road shops to be brought back into use? — 27 July 2010

A planning application has just been submitted for the redevelopment of a couple of the shop fronts ...   more

(E.Post) We could turn open land into 'pocket park' — 22 July 2010

People in St Werburgh's have set up a residents' association with the aim of buying a plot of land f ...   more

(Housing News) New affordable homes open in Bristol — 19 July 2010

A new development of 12 apartments, eight houses and five retail units at Narroways Road, Bristol ha ...   more

Police helicopter over Baptist Mills — 17 July 2010

On Friday 16th July the Western Counties police helicopter was in action over Baptist Mills at 9.50p ...   more

(E. Post) Farm future gets boost from party — 12 July 2010

Families living near St Werburghs City Farm held a street party to raise funds for the upgrading of ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report May 2010 — 10 July 2010

Burglary Again burglaries are at a low level. Someones home in Gatton Road was entered during the f ...   more

Opening of St Werburghs Centre new eco friendly annexe — 10 July 2010

A multicultural crowd was gathered today to celebrate the culmination of many years of fundraising a ...   more

Urban wildlife & green spaces get 5.8 million pound boost-update — 6 July 2010

The Access to Nature Programme funds 29 new projects in English towns and cities. Thanks to 5.8m po ...   more

July 2010 continued

Community produces plan for future of Brooks site — 6 July 2010

After a year of consultations, the Brooks Planning Group have produced a Community Plan for the Broo ...   more

Police helicopter over St Werburghs — 4 July 2010

On Saturday 3rd July the Western Counties police helicopter was in action over St Werburghs, Eastvil ...   more

(E.Post) No problems climbing walls for disabled students — 2 July 2010

A group of disabled students from a Bristol school went up the wall, at the Bristol Climbing Centre ...   more

June 2010

(Hazrat Bilal) Slow progress on new Islamic centre — 29 June 2010

In the next stage after gaining planning permission they are now in the process of getting the detai ...   more

(BBC Bristol) 'Coconut 'row Bristol City councillor found guilty — 28 June 2010

Shirley Brown was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £620 costs. The counc ...   more

(Evening Post) Show from the shed — 25 June 2010

WITH a decade of allotmenteering in Bristol under her belt, Eileen Haste is clearly at home in the s ...   more

Local St Werburghs park could benefit from Council plan — 17 June 2010

Bristol City Council have unveiled an ambitious plan to sell off up to 62 underused sites in the cit ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report April 2010 — 3 June 2010

Burglary Just two burglaries were reported in the parish in April. The first, in John Street happen ...   more

May 2010

Further antisocial partying on Narroways — 23 May 2010

Yet again, with the warm dry weather, a large group partied on Narroways last night, this time using ...   more

Bits & pieces of news — 13 May 2010

Bristol City council has posted notices on local streets for the proposed 20mph zone throughout St W ...   more

(E.Post) Man jailed over street sex assault — 11 May 2010

A ST Paul's man who sexually assaulted a mother-of-two as she went to collect her children from scho ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report March 2010 — 10 May 2010

Burglary Another six burglaries were recorded in St Werburghs in March this year. The first was in ...   more

(Indymedia) St Werbs residents rally around the Bristol Eco Village — 5 May 2010

Further Update Bristol Eco Village Evicted - One Villager With Potentially Serious Injuries Wedn ...   more

Two new murals brighten the view — 5 May 2010

The St Werburghs view has recently been improved by two fine new pieces of graffiti artwork on Mina ...   more

(E.Post) School impresses Ofsted with improved teaching — 2 May 2010

A multicultural Bristol primary school is celebrating a strong report from the learning watchdog Ofs ...   more

April 2010

( Guerilla gardeners set up an eco-village in Bristol — 25 April 2010

Bristol eco-village set up camp this week with huge support from local people and activists from all ...   more

Childrens Scrapstore application for sustainable energy — 23 April 2010

The Children’s Scrapstore has put in an application for 4 solar panels and a solar heated water syst ...   more

(E.Post) Drunk shopkeeper racially abused Bristol policewoman — 20 April 2010

AN Easton businessman was fined after calling a police woman a 'white prostitute'. Tony Singh, wh ...   more

'Eco village 'set up on St Werburghs waste ground — 17 April 2010

Stop press from the Ecovillage group They have just had word from the Ecovillage site there may be a ...   more

Better Food Company win another award — 15 April 2010

St Werburgh’s Better Food Company won a further award for their organic business recently. It was pr ...   more

(E.Post) Bobby clear for take-off after rescue — 12 April 2010

A Buzzard which was too weak to fly has been returned to a St Werburgh's park after being nursed bac ...   more

(E.Post) M32 motorway in Bristol shut as police talk man down — 9 April 2010

There was traffic chaos yesterday as the M32 was closed while police talked a man down from a pedest ...   more

(E.Post) Latvian sex predator attacked Bristol woman — 8 April 2010

A convicted sex offender from Latvia who attacked a woman as she walked along a path has been jail ...   more

(E.Post) New offices ready soon — 7 April 2010

Developer Aster Group has begun the final phase of work to build a £3.7 million scheme of five self- ...   more

(E.Post) Bristol man shot in face at own front door — 6 April 2010

A man has survived being shot in the face at close range while at home in St Paul's. The 25-year- ...   more

Bits & pieces of news... — 5 April 2010

St Werburghs last gas lamp has head replaced Transco were suspected to be behind the removal of th ...   more

St Werburghs Crime Report February 2010 — 5 April 2010

Against a background of a national and a local decrease in crime there was also a reduced reported c ...   more

March 2010

(E.Post) Bristol school friends reunited . . . after 72 years — 25 March 2010

They started school together and promised to be friends forever but Jean Jenkins and Rene Matthews l ...   more

(E.Post) French protester covers up Bristol billboard — 22 March 2010

An advertising billboard in Bristol has been covered up by a member of a French campaign group who a ...   more

Cats eyes for cyclists on St Werburghs cycle path — 19 March 2010

(From 'better by bike') From Monday, 22 March cyclists travelling at night on St Werburghs cycle ...   more

(E.Post) Victim badly hurt by duo in robbery — 18 March 2010

A man was taken to hospital after a violent robbery in Lower Ashley Road. The incident took place at ...   more

Unique wildlife sighting on Narroways — 13 March 2010

These appeared last week - they might soon become extinct, again 

New Islamic Centre finally granted full permission — 13 March 2010

The Hazrat Bilal Centre on the site of the former Kearney’s Irish Bar was finally granted planning p ...   more

E.PostlChris Chalkey found guilty of criminal damage — 13 March 2010

Webeditor St Werburghs man Chris Chalkey was found guilty in what appeared to be a punative case wi ...   more

Strange uses for Mina Road tunnel 2 — 12 March 2010

So you've got the flashy Ferrari, you've booked the glamour model semi-clad in black leather to pose ...   more

Strange uses for Mina Road tunnel 1 — 12 March 2010

A boy racers forum, Pistonheads, recently debated the possibility of using Mina Road tunnel (and Boi ...   more

February 2010

(E.Post) Screwdriver attacker walks free — 9 February 2010

A Bristol teenager who injured another young man with a screwdriver while trying to rob him in a par ...   more

(E.Post) Bristol's growing trend rooted in history — 6 February 2010

For the past nine years, Eileen Haste has tilled the soil at her plot at Ashley Vale Allotments in S ...   more

(Better by bike) Cycling city work starts at Muller Rd — 4 February 2010

This week (Monday 25 January) sees the start on site of two more Cycling City projects in Bristo ...   more

January 2010

(PRSC) Chris Chalkley Stands Trial this Wednesday (updated) — 31 January 2010

LATEST: Trial adjourned until 12th March, 2010 Unfortunately, Denise James, chief prosecution wit ...   more

First Great Western comes under discussion from MP — 31 January 2010

Local train services have been raised with the Managing Director of First Great Western by loc ...   more

(E.Post) Bristol florist brews up successful spring — 16 January 2010

A Bristol florist has found an unusual container to sell this year's spring bulbs in – vintage teacu ...   more

Little ice age continues — 7 January 2010

You know it's cold when you see an igloo up on Narroways. The builders, efficiently using a council ...   more

(Ashley eFocus) Gritting in St Werburghs through the ice age — 4 January 2010

The recent snow and ice has raised the issue of gritting. The council prioritises the main roads. Lo ...   more

Review of 2009 in St Werburghs — 3 January 2010

Well, St Werburghs still looks much the same as it did a year ago – a little green, a little grungy, ...   more

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