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December 2007

New traffic developments with Sussex Place? — 21 December 2007

There are traffic changes proposed for Junction 3 M32 by Bristol City Council in advance of Cabot Ci ...   more

St Werburghs mummers perform in Boiling Wells Valley — 21 December 2007

Thursday evening saw the launch of St Werburghs Mummers Society in a performance in Boiling Wells. M ...   more

You've no need to gobble food miles to eat so well! (Evening Post) — 18 December 2007

Who's dreaming of a genuinely green and festive Christmas?For nearly 90 per cent of the population, ...   more

Musician's complaint may strike right note — 4 December 2007

Popular musician Alphonse Daudet Touna is preparing an official complaint over the way his immigrati ...   more

Burglar put behind bars after raiding homes to buy drugs (Evening Post) — 4 December 2007

A drug user who plundered Bristol homes to feed his habit has been jailed for 21 months. Kevin Frede ...   more

Shoppers could face plastic bag ban (Evening Post) — 4 December 2007

Shoppers in Bristol could be faced with a ban on free plastic carrier bags if a motion going to toda ...   more

Judge tells school thief to pay £30,000 (Evening Post) — 4 December 2007

A school worker who stole 46,000 from a Bristol primary, including "every penny" of youngsters' din ...   more

November 2007

Severn Beach train services to improve — 27 November 2007

From Councillor Jon Rogers - "The Severn Beach Line is increasing frequency of morning services fro ...   more

Getting tough on fly-tippers (Evening Post) — 27 November 2007

St Werburghs has its share of fly-tipping with Magdalene Place (see photo) one of the worst affected ...   more

Leona Williamson of City Farm Cafe wins 2nd place in 'Local Food Heroes' — 20 November 2007

Big congratulations to Leona Williamson who won 2nd place in the national competition run by UK TV F ...   more

So what future for the Brooks site? — 16 November 2007

Now Brooks is providing employment only for security guards what is the future of this 4 acres of ce ...   more

Friends offer £50 reward for return of Stan mural (Evening Post) — 11 November 2007

A group of friends has offered a 50 reward for the safe return of a mural of their beloved dog. The ...   more

St Werburghs could be included in parking tax area — 11 November 2007

(from Evening Post) A Parking tax for Bristol residents is going up - before it has even been introd ...   more

St Werburghs - August/September 2007 Crime Report — 8 November 2007

Burglaries have been soaring in the neighbouring districts of Montpelier and St Andrews in recent mo ...   more

Mina Road Park wins Bristol Civic Society award — 7 November 2007

(Picture from Evening Post) Mina Road Park Group will be picking up one of this year's Bristol Civi ...   more

Scores on the doors in St Werburghs — 5 November 2007

Bristol City Council Environmental Health team have updated their food safety ratings with St Werbur ...   more

Killer given date when he can bid for release (Evening Post) — 2 November 2007

A St Paul's man who murdered a man for 2,000 will be allowed to apply for his freedom as early as M ...   more

October 2007

New £3.1m library complex for Easton (Evening Post) — 31 October 2007

A new 3.1 million library complex to serve Easton is to be built near the M32. Bristol City Coun ...   more

Bristol primaries set for overhaul (from ATL) — 28 October 2007

A major review of primary education in Bristol has been launched. As reported by the BBC, the aim o ...   more

Woman jailed after school theft (from — 19 October 2007

A finance officer who stole 44,000 from a school bank account had a previous conviction for theft, ...   more

City Farm roofs stripped of metal — 17 October 2007

Thieves have broken into a community farm in Bristol and stole copper and lead from the buildings. ...   more

Metals at city farm get targeted (BBC Bristol) — 17 October 2007

Thieves have broken into a community farm in Bristol and stole copper and lead from the buildings. ...   more

Plaque for Baptist Mills (from Living Easton) — 14 October 2007

Residents in Baptist Mills will soon be able to find out more about their local history, thanks to t ...   more

Breathing Places grant enables site improvements on Narroways — 5 October 2007

A recent grant of over 9000 from the BBC Breathing Places means that some maintenance and improveme ...   more

September 2007

Local woman learns to beat pain — 30 September 2007

(From Western Daily Press) The doctor-patient relationship will be improved in Bristol thanks to a ...   more

Anti-billboard protest on You Tube — 25 September 2007

An independent film-maker has made his contribution to the campaign to get rid of the billboards in ...   more

New lake in St Werburghs — 25 September 2007

After similar flooding at the end of July this year the Church Path and Lynmouth Road allotments hav ...   more

24 hour vigil to rid St Werburghs of billboards — 6 September 2007

The anti-billboard campaign in St Werburghs caught alight today with a 24 hour vigil mounted by acti ...   more

August 2007

St Werburghs Community Centre looking to expand — 19 August 2007

St Werburghs Community Association , which has worked from a 1902 school building since the 1970s is ...   more

St Werburghs June & July 2007 Crime Report — 19 August 2007

Summer is traditionally associated with the risk of burglars entering through open windows perhaps ...   more

St Werburghs School in Linux Terminal Project? — 16 August 2007

(From Bristol Wireless News) In June Bristol Wireless were approached by Eddie Smith, Chair of Go ...   more

Teacher takes immigration fight to the home office (Evening Post) — 8 August 2007

A Petition signed by people from Bristol to save a music teacher from deportation has been presented ...   more

AVAG plan last piece in jigsaw — 4 August 2007

Planning application 07/02917/F Ashley Vale Action Group have applied for planning permission to ...   more

Locals unite to stop firm felling yews — 3 August 2007

(From Evening Post) Campaigners who tried to rescue Ashley Court Hotel are urging the public to obj ...   more

Live & let boss boosts fund to catch Mary's mugger — 1 August 2007

(from Evening Post) The reward to catch the thug who left St Paul's resident Mary Perkin badly beate ...   more

July 2007

A little local flooding — 29 July 2007

(Picture of flooding in same area around 100 years ago) After at least 16mm of rain on Thursday the ...   more

Some bits of news & rumour — 26 July 2007

Watercress Cottage, in the Ashley Vale allotments was not sold when up for auction by Morgan Beddoes ...   more

New Planning Application in for Hazrat Bilal Community Centre (formerly Kearneys) — 18 July 2007

A new planning application was submitted in the past week for the Hazrat Bilal Community Centre on t ...   more

Police helicopter searching for St Werburghs burglary suspect — 11 July 2007

The Western Counties Police helicopter was activated at 1.10 am early this morning to search for a s ...   more

Grand Opening of Wai Yee Hong at Eastgate Oriental Centre — 9 July 2007

Wai Yee Hong, a family-run Chinese cash & carry and the largest supplier of oriental goods in the so ...   more

St Werburghs Art - Trailing through the puddles! — 3 July 2007

In the spaces between the downpours of rain over the weekend people who bravely ventured out were re ...   more

Piglets bring charm to farm (Evening Post) — 1 July 2007

A litter of piglets has been born at St Werburghs city farm in Bristol. The 13 Gloucester Old Spot ...   more

St Werburghs - May 2007 Crime Report — 1 July 2007

It is difficult to compare changing crime levels in St Werburghs now it appears to have been absorbe ...   more

June 2007

Regeneration scheme a 'success '(BBC Bristol) — 26 June 2007

A residential area near an industrial estate in Bristol has been redeveloped with the help of an £8 ...   more

Us(eless) Bus service to finish — 24 June 2007

The Community Bus Service, The 'US Bus' linking the communities of St Werburghs and St Pauls with Ea ...   more

St Werburghs Art Trail only 9 days away! — 21 June 2007

The second St Werburghs Art Trail is on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July, 11am-5pm. This year' ...   more

Burns ordeal (from Evening Post) — 21 June 2007

A woman needed hospital treatment after unlit gas from her oven suddenly ignited. The 34-year-old su ...   more

Community Police surgeries stopping for now — 19 June 2007

'Unfortunately the regular beat surgeries have had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. ...   more

Bridge Repairs Close Road — 15 June 2007

Advance notice that Glenfrome Road will be closed between Eastgate Road and St Werburghs Park. The ...   more

Some recent planning applications in St Werburghs — 12 June 2007

As more of St Werburghs little Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses are further subdivided into e ...   more

City Farm Fair huge success — 11 June 2007

Festival season seemed to get underway with St Werburghs City Farm Fair on Saturday. The sun was war ...   more

Self build site - bungalows nearly done, office block conversion on the way — 11 June 2007

Exciting times on site. After further consultations with the local community, a planning applicat ...   more

May 2007

Update on A & M Motors destroying trees & shrubs on York St — 28 May 2007

from Councillor Jon Rogers I am writing to update you on the situation regarding A&M Motors on Un ...   more

Not so fast Mr Lumberjack! — 20 May 2007

The developers wishing to cut down the Yew trees on the site of the former Ashley Court Hotel may no ...   more

May 2007 continued

The Cottage on Watercress Road for sale by auction — 15 May 2007

Morgan Beddoe are auctioning the cottage in the middle of Ashley Vale Allotments on 23rd May. It has ...   more

Track work over Bank Holiday weekend — 8 May 2007

There was major line work taking place on the main line near Narroways over recent days. Picture by ...   more

Phew that was close! Liberals just pip Greens at the post in Ashley — 4 May 2007

Shirley Marshall of the Liberal Democrats was left to sweat for the 100 odd votes needed to beat the ...   more

Local election in Ashley ward this Thursday — 1 May 2007

There are hundreds of seats being fought for locally on Election Day and one of them is in Ashley. P ...   more

We lost hotel, now they want our trees (Evening Post) — 1 May 2007

BY RUPERT JANISCH R.JANISCH Campaigners who tried to rescue an old hotel from demolition are now ...   more

April 2007

St Werburghs - February/March 2007 Crime Report — 25 April 2007

Crime levels dropped from their winter peak but a spate of domestic burglaries affected the area. Th ...   more

Hazrat Bilal Communiy Centre - formerly Kearneys Irish Bar — 24 April 2007

It is hard to miss the rapidly disappearing building which was Kearneys Irish Bar on Sevier Street. ...   more

Drumming up support for Alphonse (Evening Post) — 23 April 2007

A concert of African music is being held to celebrate the work of a musician from Cameroon who is se ...   more

Mayor drops by to open new city farm site (Evening Post) — 21 April 2007

Lord Mayor Peter Abraham planted a tree at St Werburghs City Farm to celebrate the hard work of a te ...   more

Red Dragon seen in Narroways! — 14 April 2007

Around 9.45 this morning the Steam Engine, 'Red Dragon' passed through St Werburghs along the line p ...   more

Cages for vandal-hit rail bridges (Evening Post) — 12 April 2007

Drastic measures have been taken to stop young vandals attacking trains. Network Rail has install ...   more

St Werburghs Green Gateway - New Campaign to get rid of the billboards at Ashley Hill roundabout — 11 April 2007

There is already a BIG group of people who want to see through this campaign to get rid of some more ...   more

Police helicopter in local drugs patrol — 10 April 2007

The Western Counties Police Helicopter was in action on Easter Monday, 9th April at 11:05 PM over St ...   more

St Werburghs food outlets get council rating — 8 April 2007

Fifty food outlets in Bristol have been given the lowest possible score on a new website rating food ...   more

Severn Beach line — 4 April 2007

Use your Local Station Travel the Severn Beach Line for just a 1 a day! From the 16 April 2007 ...   more

Design & Paint Montpelier Station — 4 April 2007

Hurry hurry hurry 

Dedicated team cleans up extra site at city farm (Evening Post) — 2 April 2007

A team of 10 youngsters have helped a Bristol city farm build new paths and steps at a site used for ...   more

March 2007

Former petrol station burns down (BBC Bristol) — 31 March 2007

A derelict shop building on the site of a former BP petrol station in Bristol has been badly damaged ...   more

Wine bottle smashed on man's head (Evening Post) — 29 March 2007

A St Andrew's mechanic who bottled a man with whom he had had a grievance years before has been jail ...   more

Bungalows progressing at self-build site (from Ashley Vale Action Group) — 21 March 2007

Construction of the bungalows is now well under way. Three are now watertight, and doors and windows ...   more

Information from local police — 16 March 2007

Drug dealing has been taking place in footpaths near Narroways and drug litter has been found. Polic ...   more

Report on House buying in St Werburghs last year — 12 March 2007

In 2006 there were 63 properties bought in St Werburghs. Of these 42 were houses and 21 were flats. ...   more

St Werburghs rumours — 9 March 2007

Former Los Amigos Restaurant to become an estate agents?.......Ashrifs selling up?.......Victoria Pu ...   more

Fairfield School proving to be popular — 7 March 2007

While some of Bristol's newest secondary schools look set to have hundreds of empty desks from Septe ...   more

Mina Matters does rather well at Community Newsletter Awards — 1 March 2007

Mina Matters picked up 3 awards at the Bristol Community Newsletter Forum Awards for 2007 tonight. ...   more

February 2007

All washed-up (from Western Daily Press) — 25 February 2007

Textile cleaning firm Brooks is to close with the loss of 350 jobs.The debt-ridden Bristol business, ...   more

Police helicopter in action after St Werburghs burglary — 25 February 2007

At 4:40 PM on Sunday 25th Feb the police helicopter was in action looking out for a suspected burgla ...   more

Laundry closure to cost 880 jobs (from BBC) — 24 February 2007

The closing outlets washed linen for hotels around the UK About 880 people are to lose their jobs a ...   more

Chinese New Year celebrated on Lower Ashley Rd (from Evening Post) — 21 February 2007

Celebrations to mark the start of the Chinese New Year took place in St Paul's with a dancing lion. ...   more

St Werburghs - January 2007 Crime Report — 16 February 2007

Crime usually increases in the winter months with the cover of darkness for evil doings and the past ...   more

Brooks Service Group goes into administration (from Laundry & Cleaning News) — 14 February 2007

Brooks has been a major local employer at its site in Ashley Vale for over a hundred years but is no ...   more

Jobs peril as Brooks folds up (from Western Daily Press) — 14 February 2007

Historic cleaning firm is mostly in the hands of administrators though 200 posts are saved. Histo ...   more

Narroways Demo celebrated with Ambling Band — 11 February 2007

On Saturday a group of locals were led by The Ambling Band along the original route up the lane by T ...   more

Tree planting 10.2.2007 on Narroways Hill to commemorate 10th anniversary of demonstration — 6 February 2007

On 9th February 1997 an estimated 800 people gathered on Narroways Hill, St Werburghs to demand its ...   more

January 2007

Bike blaze (from Evening Post) — 30 January 2007

A motorbike caught fire while being worked on inside a house in Sevier Street. The ground and first ...   more

Scribbly crap removed from local walls! — 27 January 2007

We had the clean up day today with the Bristol City Council 'Clean & Green ' team and at least 16 lo ...   more

MinaMatters Readers - Are you bothered? — 26 January 2007

Dear People of MinaMatters As you may now know, MinaMatters was rejected by the Lottery; this was ou ...   more

Rail branch line will get £450,000 (Evening Post) — 26 January 2007

Half-hourly services on the Severn Beach rail line may return after the city council pledged to rein ...   more

St Werburghs Community Asociation providing I.T. access for disadvantaged (from eGov monitor website) — 25 January 2007

The Social Impact Demonstrators' UK online centre projects was set up to show how digital exclusion ...   more

Garden work is a taste of outdoors for young (from Evening Post) — 24 January 2007

Students from a Bristol secondary school are getting a taste of rural life in the heart of the city. ...   more

School has halted decline in standards - Ofsted (from Evening Post) — 23 January 2007

An inner-city Bristol primary school has halted a downward spiral of decline after many years, Gover ...   more

Wassail king crowned, local apple crop guaranteed — 20 January 2007

Down Boiling Wells the City Farm held another Wassail event today to celebrate Apple trees and Cider ...   more

Highly praised City Farm cafe will be better than ever after building work — 19 January 2007

St. Werburghs City Farm Cafe is closing for a couple of weeks in January for improvements. Local bui ...   more

St Werburghs Park Nursery to have new childrens centre? — 18 January 2007

A planning application was submitted on 10th January for the construction of an extension and altera ...   more

Burst mains floods street (from Evening Post) — 17 January 2007

Shops and restaurants were flooded when a burst water main sent a fountain of water high into the ai ...   more

Fight against nuisance properties hits a golden landmark (from Avon & Somerset Police) — 13 January 2007

Fight against nuisance properties hits another landmark Police today closed down the 50th propert ...   more

Police close drugs-based property (from BBC) — 12 January 2007

Police have closed a property in Bristol after establishing it was a drugs den - the 50th such clo ...   more

MinaMatters - Is this the end ? — 10 January 2007

To all the helpers and readers of MinaMatters please keep your fingers crossed over the next few wee ...   more

Bristol to help overweight & obese children. — 10 January 2007

Childhood obesity is a major health issue. By 2020 at least 20% of boys & 33% of girls in the UK wil ...   more

Teens reach the top in charity quest (from Evening Post) — 8 January 2007

A group of teenagers have climbed Britain's highest mountain - without leaving Bristol. Seventeen yo ...   more

Shooting leaves two in hospital (from BBC & Evening Post) — 7 January 2007

Two men were shot in the lower part of the leg during an incident in Bristol around 5.45am on Sunday ...   more

Police Helicopter in action over St Werburghs — 6 January 2007

10:30 AM on Saturday 6th January the police helicopter was over St Werburghs searching for a suspect ...   more

Art therapy patients unveil work to public (from Evening Post) — 5 January 2007

A permanent display of pictures produced by mental health service users in Bristol has gone on show. ...   more

Miners Arms on the up — 2 January 2007

The Miners Arms has been listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for 2007.   It is described as ha ...   more

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