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December 2006

Crack dealers arrested locally — 22 December 2006

A 42 year old woman and 54 year old man were both arrested for possesion of crack cocaine from an ad ...   more

Planning Application in for flats at KB Printers Workshop, Mina Rd — 12 December 2006

An application was submitted on 5th December for the conversion of existing corner house at 149 Min ...   more

Police helicopter 9th December 2006 — 10 December 2006

1:15 PM St Werburghs , Bristol Suspect Search - Vehicle Crime  

St Werburghs Primary in league tables — 7 December 2006

St. Werburgh’s Primary School is a popular Community Primary School catering for children aged 4 –11 ...   more

Sir Ranulph eager for Eiger challenge (from Evening Post) — 6 December 2006

Veteran explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has got to grips with some last-minute training in Bristol ahea ...   more

What's that helicopter doing up there? — 4 December 2006

The police helicopter unit are now putting information about their activities online so you can find ...   more

November 2006

Update from PC Wyatt - Burglaries & Robbery advice — 30 November 2006

During this month ( November 2006 ) there have been several burglaries reported in St Werburghs. In ...   more

Self-build house on market for nearly £400,000! — 18 November 2006

Design-build firm Wright-Davies have put on the market two of the self-build houses in the former sc ...   more

Boiling Wells Lane changes (from Councillor Jon Rogers) — 18 November 2006

I am writing to update you on the plans for Boiling Wells Lane including the railway tunnel. The w ...   more

Update on problems on local footpaths - Councillor Rogers — 18 November 2006

(1) The new barrier on the lane by the climbing centre - anecdotally this does seem to have reduced ...   more

Update from St Werburghs Community PC Steven Wyatt — 16 November 2006

This year the misuse of fireworks has resulted in some serious incidents of danger to members of th ...   more

Parkway parents & child project struggles on — 5 November 2006

(from Evening Post) For a group which faces a constant struggle for funding, the £5,000 grant from t ...   more

October 2006

Latest attempt to put in mobile phone mast in Ashley Parade defeated — 29 October 2006

(message from Suzanne of the campaign) Planning permission for mast turned down - for the third ti ...   more

Ashley Court Hotel falls to the wreckers — 26 October 2006

(Frm Bristol Evening Post) After more than a year of campaigning to keep it open, two days were all ...   more

Taggers taken — 22 October 2006

During the last few months Police at Trinity Road Police Station have arrested a number of prominent ...   more

Sevier Street- what bit of 'no entry 'don't you understand? — 22 October 2006

I have recently been aware that vehicles in Mina Road are driving into Sevier Street which is a 'no ...   more

New Willow for Mina Rd Park — 14 October 2006

Mina Road Park Group are planning to replace the sadly deceased Willow in the park. They will remove ...   more

Drivers seeing red over temporary traffic lights (Evening Post) — 12 October 2006

Motorists and residents are furious after temporary traffic lights in St Werburghs/Montpelier snarle ...   more

Party-loving Abi was painting's inspiration (From Evening Post) — 8 October 2006

It was painted as a lasting tribute to a much-loved community figure who tragically died at the age ...   more

Phone mast would be blot on our area (From Evening Post) — 7 October 2006

Residents of St Werburgh's staged a protest against a proposed mobile phone mast.They are campaignin ...   more

September 2006

Fish killed in river oil leak (from Evening Post) — 30 September 2006

The Environment Agency is investigating an oil leak which has caused the death of more than 200 fish ...   more

Christmas apparently here in St Werburghs — 30 September 2006

House at 49 Horley Road was spotted with full Christmas decorations today, 30th September. We are no ...   more

Fix path before another OAP is put in hospital (Evening Post) — 30 September 2006

An elderly woman had to have her nose re-set and a knee replacement operation after tripping over a ...   more

Protest now that T MOBILE planning for 3G MAST has been submitted — 28 September 2006

(From T Mobile Protest Group) Could you possibly help us by writing to the planning department of t ...   more

More on the missing Banksy mural (from Evening Post) — 23 September 2006

A wall featuring an early work by controversial Bristol artist Banksy has been torn down to make way ...   more

Carlington Evans, of Horley Road, sentenced to life for Shady Grove Cafe murder — 20 September 2006

(From Bristol Evening Post) Two men who murdered a man by stabbing him through the heart have been ...   more

Poet's weeping for his willow (from Bristol Evening Post) — 15 September 2006

(Picture by Justin - thanks) A St Werburgh's man was so upset when a landmark tree in his local p ...   more

Local Somali man complains of being targetted in airport searches — 13 September 2006

(From Bristol Evening Post) 10:40 - 13 September 2006 Somalis living in Bristol say they are bei ...   more

More T Mobile Masts -'URGENT ACTION NOW !!!' — 10 September 2006

Hello Website and Mina Matters I'm sure you know that T-Mobile have submitted another plan to p ...   more

Escaped cows in Mina Rd Park — 10 September 2006

Not exactly hot off the press - On morning of Saturday 2nd September several cows apparently escaped ...   more

August 2006

Horfield man given ASBO for kerb crawling Lower Ashley Rd (from Avon & Somerset Police) — 21 August 2006

A man from Horfield has been given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) after being convicted of ke ...   more

Copper thieves cause damage at Ashley Court Hotel & Self Build home — 17 August 2006

A rise in copper prices is presumably to blame for some local crimes this month. Thieves stole spool ...   more

Local musician records prize winning songs — 16 August 2006

Bristol songwriter, Kate Salisbury, is celebrating the success of two of her latest songs, which hav ...   more

Application in for 33 industrial units between Gatton Road & Saxon Rd — 6 August 2006

The Bird Group have submitted an application to develop the former Masonary works between Saxon Rd a ...   more

St Werburghs man found guilty of St Pauls murder — 1 August 2006

From BBC Bristol website & Bristol Evening Post :- Two men have been found guilty of the mur ...   more

July 2006

New Islamic Centre at former Kearney's Irish Bar now with full planning permission — 23 July 2006

Planning permission for development of Kearneys Irish Bar, 41 Sevier Street, St. Werburghs BS2 into ...   more

Safer Routes to the New Fairfield School- Work starting on Boiling Wells Lane? — 20 July 2006

Information from Councillor Jon Rogers - The Development Control committee met in April 2006 and con ...   more

Ashley Court Hotel - demolition postponed pending planning permission — 19 July 2006

Better news from Councillor Jon Rogers - " I understand the applicant has today confirmed that he 'w ...   more

Over 50 turn out for demo for Ashley Court Hotel — 12 July 2006

From BBC Bristol :- Campaigners trying to stop the demolition of a Bristol hotel have held a rally ...   more

Ashley Court Hotel.....demolition started....protest 8.00 a.m. Weds 12th July — 11 July 2006

From Bristol Evening Post:- On its way out: DEMOLITION work has begun at an old hotel in Montpelie ...   more

Police summer dispersal orders include parts of St Werburghs (from Bristol Evening Post) — 10 July 2006

Police have obtained seven dispersal orders to enable them to move on groups of people causing a nui ...   more

June 2006

St Werburghs first art trail a big success — 26 June 2006

St Werburghs had its first art trail on 24th & 25th June over a fine sunny world cup weekend and ove ...   more

Advertising hoarding in local St Werburghs park to be permanently removed! — 10 June 2006

Surprising and good news on the advertising board erected in the little park behind St.Werburghs Par ...   more

June 2006 continued

St Werburghs first art trail on track — 10 June 2006

The final planning meeting has just been held for St Werburghs first art trail. It's on 24th & 25th ...   more

New advertising hoarding erected in a St Werburghs local park despite protests — 7 June 2006

Global advertising company JC Decaux have put up another aluminium and wood advertising hoarding in ...   more

St Werburghs starts recycling organic waste from Monday 5th June — 4 June 2006

A waste revolution starts in Bristol on Monday when kitchen scraps will be collected for composting ...   more

First new residents move into Mary Seacole — 2 June 2006

This weekend the first few new residents will move into the Mary Seacole housing development in the ...   more

May 2006

St Werburghs man charged after teen's stabbing (from BBC Bristol website) — 31 May 2006

A 22-year-old man had been charged in connection with the stabbing of a teenager in a Bristol street ...   more

Teenager hurt in city stab attack (from BBC Bristol website) — 30 May 2006

A teenager has been hurt in an early-morning stabbing in the St Pauls area of Bristol. The 17 ...   more

Gateway School is leaving the area — 29 May 2006

The Gateway School is moving to Lawrence Weston. The move is because their current building, in Sta ...   more

Press Release on St Werburghs Art Trail — 27 May 2006

Look under 'Local Groups' on the left hand menu for all the information you need about the first St ...   more

New planning application in St Werburghs Park — 27 May 2006

There was a planning application lodged on 5th May to build a 3-storey building comprising 2 flats i ...   more

Community transforms city park (from Bristol Evening Post) — 5 May 2006

A park in St.Werburghs has been transformed thanks to the hard work of a community action group. The ...   more

May Day at Boiling Wells — 1 May 2006

The pagan events at Boiling Wells organised by the City Farm go from strength to strength. Today's M ...   more

We will not give up fight for playgroup (from Bristol Evening Post) — 1 May 2006

01 May 2006 The workers and users at a playgroup in St Werburgh's have vowed to carry on the fight ...   more

April 2006

£2M Grounds for space wars- Purdown playing fields (from Bristol Evening Post) — 20 April 2006

20 April 2006 City councillors have given the go-ahead for a meadow in Horfield to be turned into s ...   more

School waits for verdict on fields of dreams (from Bristol Evening Post) — 17 April 2006

17 April 2006 Controversial plans to create school playing fields on a meadow in Horfield will be c ...   more

Here we go again (2) - 'Safer 'routes to Fairfield School — 14 April 2006

The 21 page planners report on Safer Routes to Fairfield School has been made available. Basically t ...   more

Here we go again - Ashley Court Hotel — 14 April 2006

Re: Ashley Court Hotel - New application 6/01236/F/C for twenty one flats Proposal - Erection of ...   more

'Safer 'routes to Fairfield School — 11 April 2006

The application 06/00261/FB/C - Fairfield High School Stottbury Road Bristol BS7 9NH includes the ...   more

City farm calls for help organising fair (from Bristol Evening Post) — 9 April 2006

Staff at St.Werburghs City Farm are appealing for people to help organise this year's 20th summer fa ...   more

March 2006

Man stabbed in back outside shop (from BBC Bristol) — 30 March 2006

A man was stabbed outside a shop in St Pauls after he was involved in a row inside the store. The ...   more

Violent incident involving 20 on Lower Ashley Rd (from BBC Bristol & Bristol Evening Post) — 30 March 2006

Man stabbed in city disturbance - BBC Bristol  A man has been charged with violent disorder fol ...   more

Fire in St Werburghs Park — 17 March 2006

Firefighters were called to a flat at the top of St.Werburghs Park on evening Weds 15th March.  ...   more

Victory for Parent Power (from Bristol Evening Post) — 17 March 2006

Parents in Bishopston have won their battle for a long-awaited new primary school after a change of ...   more

Watch out for bogus caller — 16 March 2006

from P.C. Steve Wyatt - I have recently been dealing with a crime where a male is knocking on door ...   more

Dispersal zone established in St Werburghs — 15 March 2006

Part of St Werburghs is now covered by a dispersal zone. This basically allows police to 'move on' ...   more

St Werburghs Green Gateway — 13 March 2006

With one billboard having been removed and a new campaign launched in Mina Matters to 'green up' St. ...   more

St Werburghs Primary School pupils helping local wildlife — 8 March 2006

A class from St.Werburghs Primary School,taught by Ian Oake, has made a number of nest boxes through ...   more

Mina Matters Wins Awards — 7 March 2006

Mina Matters won 2 awards at the first Bristol Community Newsletter Awards. One was a "Judge's Spec ...   more

Belinda French organising local jumble sale for Yvette Gate fund — 3 March 2006

From Bristol Evening Post " A 12-year-old girl who needs a life-saving bone marrow donor is being he ...   more

February 2006

Severn Beach Railway subsidy pulled by councils — 27 February 2006

Despite campaigning by Friends of Severn Beach Railway and a 3000 signature petition, Bristol City a ...   more

Good news on Ashley Court Hotel — 27 February 2006

Re: Ashley Court Hotel and the withdrawal of planning application 05/04749/F/C Thanks to so many o ...   more

Benefit ceilidh raises over £1000 — 22 February 2006

Three local groups of musicians recently teamed up to help raise money for local and international c ...   more

Lighting on Safer Routes to Schools — 16 February 2006

The Council Safer Routes to Schools team have been forced to finish the work for Fairfield School wi ...   more

Islami Darasgah group looking to build community links in St Werburghs — 16 February 2006

A charity called Islami Darasgah Bristol (IDB)has approached local community leaders looking to invo ...   more

Adios Los Amigos — 16 February 2006

Sadly, it looks as though St.Werburghs first neighbourhood Restaurant (okay, 2nd after Teoh's) has c ...   more

Playing fields on Purdown- news item from Purdown Campaign — 10 February 2006

There;s still time to object to the Council's plans to fence off part of Purdown to provide second r ...   more

Traffic in St Werbs — 9 February 2006

Roger Payne, the Council Senior Traffic Engineer for this area, will be at the Neighbourhood Associa ...   more

Another takeaway on Mina Road? — 8 February 2006

An application has gone in to convert the former Naturecare shop in Mina Road to a food takeaway. Th ...   more

Safer routes to schools council team up to something sneaky.. — 5 February 2006

Bristol City Council planning department will shortly be writing with details of their new proposals ...   more

Islamic Centre at Kearny's Irish Bar site? — 5 February 2006

A planning application went in on 19th January from Islami Darashga, an Islamic organisation with a ...   more

January 2006

Billboard to go by end of month? — 18 January 2006

Councillor Jon Rogers has got information suggesting the illegal billboard may be gone in the next f ...   more

Wassailing at Boiling Wells — 14 January 2006

The City Farm organised a Wassailing event at their Boiling Wells site today, Saturday 14th January. ...   more

Ashley Court Hotel update — 9 January 2006

The campaign to save the Ashley Court Hotel (or at least the building) is gathering strength. There ...   more

Muggings in St Andrews area — 7 January 2006

It's a little out of area but people should know there's been a spate of muggings this year already. ...   more

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