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December 2005

Ashley Court Hotel - demolition & 4 storey flats — 30 December 2005

The Ashley Court Hotel on Ashley Hill (former rectory of St.Werburghs Church) closed earlier in 2005 ...   more

At last some progress on anti-billboard campaign? — 15 December 2005

A letter has finally been sent by the council planners asking the owner to remove the illegal hoard ...   more

New narroways website news update — 12 December 2005

Check out the latest news from the hill at Narroways News December 2005  

Waterlogging in Boiling Wells tunnel blamed on local environmentalists — 10 December 2005

The Bristol Evening Post continues to attack the St.Werburghs campaign against unnecessary light pol ...   more

November 2005

Dealer shooting 'lawful killing' — 27 November 2005

BBC News item 

Duke of York under threat — 25 November 2005

Bristol Indymedia News item  

Inquest into Jamaican shot by police in St Werburghs — 15 November 2005

BBC News item  

October 2005

Flooding risk — 20 October 2005

The Environment Agency has issued a map which shows the area of St Werburghs under risk from floodin ...   more

October 2005 continued

St Werburghs gas lamp — 11 October 2005

The gas lamp by the footpath by St Werburghs Road is now working again. It burns with a much softer, ...   more

July 2005

Safe routes to Fairfield School — 5 July 2005

Without any local consultation the bulldozers are planning to move in mid-July , clearing all vegeta ...   more

June 2005

City Farm Fair website — 2 June 2005

Website at: St Werburghs City Farm Summer Fair 

February 2005

Local dog escapes death — 18 February 2005

Firefighters were called out to free the scared dog which became stranded in undergrowth 20ft down t ...   more

Gas lamp — 16 February 2005

The only remaining gas light in Bristol outside a conservation area, the one by the footpath by St W ...   more

Mast protest fails — 11 February 2005

Phone operator T-Mobile has won the right to erect a 39 ft mast on the Minto Rd industrial estate af ...   more

Waxwings in St Werburghs — 10 February 2005

A flock of 80 Waxwings was seen on trees by Narroways Millennium Green on Sunday 6th February. Norma ...   more

January 2005

Mobile phone mast — 25 January 2005

In the Evening Post of 24.1.2005 there is a planning application for "Minto Road Industrial Centre, ...   more

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