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(July 2011)Waiting list and plot letting
Currently our waiting list for plots stands at over 200 names, some of whom have been waiting for over 2 years. The committee will take every practicable step to clear or very significantly reduce this in the course of the coming two or 3 seasons. We may temporarily close the waiting list We will soon be asking everyone on the waiting list to confirm that their contact address/phone is still active, and that they are still interested in taking a plot. We have carried out an extensive survey & renumbering of plots to clarify boundaries & identify unused ground. We have given notice to the holders of a number of uncultivated plots. We have marked out a number of small starter beds, and are considering creating more. We are splitting large, fertile plots into halves, thirds or quarters. We are looking at ways of supporting fertility improvements in heavily eroded areas high on the valley sides – this will in time allow them to support more cultivated plots.

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