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Eileen in her shed

Eileen in her shed

Fox behind lynmouth rd allotmentsCows in Mina Road park 3City farm fair processionSt Werburghs in the snowChurch FieldClean up spraySamba at St Werburghs Festival 2007MinersStilts St Werburghs Festival 2007Cows in Mina Road park 4Brooks chimney by Simon RandolphSNOW 2010 077Roe buck in Boiling Wells 1AT Allotments,St Werburghs by Anna Teasdale 2008Moonlit meadowPicture 012Look no boardsMissed TransportCity farm fair choirRobert Mills LtdSt werburghs church relectionTunnelChimney potsCommon blueOutdoor knitting groupMarch 5th '09PinkGatton RoadCows in Mina Road park 1BarbequeNarroways3Cataloger.ImageSingers in tunnelCows in Mina Road park 2Playing in the snowMarch 5th '09 4Brooks DyBrooks chimneySt Werburghs nursery c1955Narroways volunteersWorkmanSunsetHouses from church field CapoeiraLocalWeddingInLocalGardenWithLocalPeopleMuralsSaint Werburgh & the gooseDragonflyHopetoun Rd past & presentNarrowaysSwatdays06 070Brooks consultationFarm fair 2007No BillboardsCardoons & St Werburghs ChurchPainting in tunnelChestnutsSamba lessons St Werburghs Festival 2007MummersBridal coachAngel in meadowSteam train narrowaysTasty Tales flyerAngelSt Werburghs City Farm Fair 2005 2Capoeira st werburghsSunriseCommunity centre openingSnowy gaslamp church path Tunnel musicRoe buck in Boiling Wells 2Fair graffitiDevilSnowy st.werburghs parkYork St floodsRoe buck in Boiling Wells 3P1063456Snowy st werburghs pkCCTV camera Mina Rd 14th June 09Red on the hillCity farm staff & animals 1984Moonlit railwaysNewsagentP1063435Dinosaurs on narrowaysEileen in her shedRepair workHay cutSt Werburghs City Farm Fair 2005 1Glamour modelView by Simon RandolphAccordianistThe Yard SkyArts trail pirateDSC 0044Swatdays06 041Indian drummersBlue ClimberKid CarpetKid Carpet 2The Boiling Wells April 2004

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