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City Car Club

0845 330 1234 or 01484 483061, email to web site

There is no limit to the numbers of members in each area, should demand mean that the car is often unavailable we will add another car to that location or very close by.

CityCarClub in St Werburghs

One of the most popular cars provided by CityCarClub is located at Mina Road, St Werburghs. Over the past 18 months a growing number of members from the area have joined CityCarClub and the car is used regularly. The location is part of a growing cluster of vehicles in St Paulís, Montpelier and St Andrews. Therefore, even if demand is high there are currently 3 other vehicles within easy walking distance of Mina Road.

Cars cost only £2.80 per hour, plus 17p per mile for fuel. To join there is a small monthly fee, which works out about the same price as car tax. The charges include comprehensive insurance, tax, maintenance, servicing and even fuel! This will save the average member hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year.

Members can book any of the cars on the Bristol fleet, none of which are more than 3 years old. All the costs and hassles associated with car ownership are looked after by the club - we even valet the cars for you!

For local resident Elise, the main reason for joining the car club was saving the money that had previously been ploughed into a second family car. Environmental and health concerns also played a role. She can now walk or ride smugly past the queues of people trying to get to work safe in the knowledge that she is saving stacks of cash, will probably get to her destination quicker and has the added health benefit of getting regular exercise at the same time!

CityCarClub has just launched 7 brand new locations in Bristol, bringing the total number of vehicles on the fleet to 26. With a further 16 locations in the pipe line along with developments in other towns and cities in the South West we will continue to have the largest car club network in the region, offering the lowest prices of any commercial operator and providing a financially attractive alternative to owning your own car.

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