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Climbing centre

St Werburgh's Church, Mina Road, Bristol, BS2 9YH

Tel: 0117 941 3489 Fax: 0117 954 2425

E-mail: - Web site:

Built inside the fifteenth century Church of St Werburghs, the Bristol Climbing Centre is one the most comprehensive indoor climbing facilities in the country. Awarded 'Regional Centre of Excellence' status by the Sports Council, the centre's facilities offer something for everyone from the complete beginner through to top level competition climbers.

The church provides a unique atmosphere for the spectacular 12 metre high climbing walls, pillars, fins, overhangs and arches. We aim to provide imaginative and exciting climbing in a safe and welcoming environment for anyone who would like to experience the thrill of this exciting sport. We have over 200 routes from F3 to F8a which are regularly changed by a team of experienced route setters. Climbing indoors is a great way to keep fit throughout the year and many treat it as their local gym.

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