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Traffic Group update 9th May 2013

1. The Council have informed us that they will install an improved traffic island at Sussex Place in the next couple of months. This will replace the existing island on the Sevier St (ie St Werburghs) side of Sussex Place. The new island will be wider to allow for bikes, pushchairs and suchlike to cross more easily. It's a relatively small improvement, but it does mark the first actual, physical improvement that is being done as a result of pressure from the Traffic Group here in St Werburghs.
The other good news is that St Werbs has been 'prioritised' for progressing work, so there's a possibility we may see a bit more momentum from the Council, though we're always reticent to get over excited, based on past experience. The group hasn't met for some time because we've been waiting for some movement from the Council, but if anyone would like to get actively involved, please email us at and we'll let you know when we meet next. (For info, the Traffic Group is looking to reduce the impact of traffic on St Werburghs.)

2. The petition for safer crossing on James Street (see below) was presented to the Mayor of Bristol in March, who was interested in the issues and supported the need to make Bristol's streets safer for pedestrians.
There is no funding for this project in the current financial year as the Traffic team at the council are focussing on the projects already in plan. However a grant application has been made under Round 2 of the Active Neighbourhood Grants to fund consultation with the local community. The proposal is to partner with Sustrans, who would facilitate a comprehensive consultation with local residents, business and interested parties. The aim is to use the consultation to identify issues around traffic and crossing along James St & York St, and to help design solutions that would enable this project to be well placed for the next round of funding in 2014. The application was submitted at the end of March and a final decision on funded projects is expected shortly.
There have been a number of near misses in recent weeks on the crossing on James Street, and two children have now been involved in collisions on that stretch. If you hear of any other incidents, please let us know at

A petition will be presented at the Neighbourhood Forum on Mon 28th Jan 2013 to press for safer pedestrian crossing points on James Street. 240 signatures have been collected in support of the petition so far. See attached 'James Street Petition' rationale here for the statement that accompanies the petition. For more info or to add your name to the petition, contact Marianne

Traffic Group update 29th October 2012
Since the last update this time last year, the Traffic Group have been submitting proposals to get funding to do some of the work that came out of the consultation activities we did in 2010-2011 - see the bottom of this page for details about the priorities people told us they were most concerned about. In brief, there are 4 priority areas we've been concentrating on for now:

Speeding / rat-running down Sevier St to avoid the mini-roundabout at the junction with James St / Mina Rd for people on their way to the M32 from Ashley Hill

The old story of the horror of rat-running through Magdalene Place and streets off it, by traffic taking a short cut to St Pauls roundabout from Ashley Hill

More old stories of cars speeding up and down Mina Rd , and overweight lorries using it as an illegal shortcut

The hazards for pedestrians and cyclists trying to cross Sussex Place at the end of York St Things move rather slowly, however we have made some progress...

Firstly, in the summer the Neighbourhood Partnership granted 'us' (it doesn't go to 'us', it goes to the Council) �10,000 to do work on preparing plans, undertaking further consultations, and any other preparatory work to get us to the point where we could start work on physical measures to reduce traffic short-cutting through St Werbs. This money includes the �5000 mentioned below. So far the Council have drawn up high-level options for Sevier St, and some ideas for Mina Rd. We are discussing with the Council the best approach to consult people on these. We intend to door-knock people most affected and hold some open events for others across St Werbs (and elsewhere) who are interested and may have an opinion. We hope to do this in January, but the Council are short-staffed so progress is not as quick as we'd like. The Council are also intending to monitor traffic flows down Magdalene Place over the Autumn so they can model how traffic would flow around the area if the Magdalene Place rat-run was closed off. We are hearing that the 'traffic management' bit of the Council may well object to closing Magdalene Place. Well, we've been plugging away at this one for a long time, and we're not going to stop now!

We'll keep pushing for our area to be treated with as much respect as Montpelier, Kingsdown, Redland and other parts of the city where residents' quality of life is privileged over commuters taking short-cuts. Secondly, we put in a proposal for a chunk of money to do the physical work once we get the consultations completed. We are told we've been successful on this, but everything's gone a bit quiet at the Council pending the outcome of the mayor elections, so we don't want to count our chickens right now, particularly as the poor things will probably get run over by the time we hear about how much money has actually been granted. The Council will also draw up some plans to improve the existing island at Sussex Place, as it will take some time (understatement) to plan out and get permissions and money for a more complete crossing area across York St by Better Foods.

We thank our Councillors Jon Rogers and Gus Hoyt for their advice and support of our grant requests. That's it for now. We'll be uploading plans and consultation docs to this site once they're made - hopefully in December or January. If you are interested in supporting the Traffic Group or in coming to our meetings (roughly every other month), then please email or call 0117 955 8273. For more background on what we want to achieve and how, please read the posting below titled, 'Good news from the Traffic group (July 2011)'.

Traffic Group produces report (November 2011)

The traffic group has produced a colourful 5 page document describing our proposals for solutions to traffic problems in the area. It has some great ideas about how to reduce the damaging effect of traffic in St Werburghs. You can access it from the 'PDF files to download' section at the foot of this page

Good news from the Traffic group (July 2011)

We�re a group of St Werburghs residents who want to reduce the negative impact that cars, lorries and commuter traffic have on our streets and our quality of life. Our objective is to make it more convenient to travel around St Werburghs than through it.

We are pleased to say that the Neighbourhood Partnership has recently approved a grant of �5,000 for the Council to develop a traffic plan, in consultation with the local community, to address four initial hotspots in St Werburghs that are blighted by traffic-related problems. The grant is just to develop the plans and do a consultation, not the cost of works which will need to be secured subsequently. People in St Werburghs have been pressing for three decades for resolutions to traffic-related problems in the area, and we are cautiously hopeful that, this time, we might just get an effective outcome.

We have and still are using a survey to gather residents views. Along with the drop in session we held in March at the Community Centre, we have gathered lots of good evidence of your experiences and ideas. If you�d like to fill in a survey and you are a resident or have other interests in St Werburghs, please email Judy Preston

The evidence we have gathered so far has been passed onto city council traffic engineers and they are coming up with a range of practical, achievable solutions, which we intend to influence, and which will be presented to the community for consultation - probably in the autumn.

The following four hot spots are the priority for this current traffic planning work:
� The rat run along Magdalene Street from Sussex Place roundabout through to Lower Ashley Rd. This affects several streets including Conduit Road, Morley Street and Southey Street.
� Sevier Street rat-run to Mina Road from Better Food area.
� Mina Road rat run (and other traffic-related issues) between the M32 and James Street. This affects several other streets including Gatton Road, Horley Road, Sandbed Road, Tyne Street, Cleave Street, John Street, Mogg Street and Stafford Road.
� Lack of crossings for pedestrians at Sussex Place / Better Food area.

We know that there are other areas of St Werburghs that suffer from traffic-related issues, and we�d welcome people from all areas of St Werburghs to join us in pressing for improvements. Once the work above has been completed, we hope to move on to other issues in St Werburghs. We are all volunteers and are always looking for other people to get involved.

Please get in touch with us: You can call Sarah Agarwal at 0117 955 8273 or email here

Relaunch of St Werburghs traffic group (Feb 2011)

Building on the good work of previous residents ......
Lest we think we have time on our hands, a small number of the BROOKS group have moved into re - starting the neighbourhood traffic group.

Under the umbrella of St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association we have organised an event for all residents, children as well as adults please, to come along and record their experience of traffic in St Werbs or just your own street.

Are you fed up of speeding vehicles taking short cuts on our residential streets in a vain attempt to avoid the gridlock of Mina Rd, James St, Sevier St, and Sussex Place ??

Would you like to contribute ideas to how these problems could be resolved?

On Wednesday March 2nd, 3-8pm you can drop by the community centre to record the problem and suggest a solution. After which, Highways traffic engineers and residents can draw up a set of options for resolving the neighbourhood traffic issues so that the WHOLE neighbourhood can be looked at as a whole, so avoiding resolving one street's problem only to cause another for the next street, etc These options would then be presented at a follow up public event to consult everyone on the best way forward.

Contact here

Previous information

This project concerns everybody and the problem is getting people to agree.This group started many years ago and ran out of steam. The idea was to make St Werburghs less of a through route or shortcut. We looked at making some streets one way and even thought of blocking certain streets.

Traffic Group report below

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