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Neighbourhood Partnerships

Update on Ashley Community First Grants May 2012
Grants Available from the Ashley Community First Grant Panel!
In the first round, the Ashley Community First Panel decided to award grants to the following applications:
Ashley Women’s Learning Partnership
St Werburghs Art Trail
Malcolm X Elders Forum
Urban Fit
Full Circle
Babbasa Youth Empowerment Projects
St Pauls Unlimited Fireworks Display
Bristol Carnivalistas
One25 Outreach

The standard of applications was very high and there were many projects considered for funding. Do you have a project idea that could benefit residents of the Ashley ward?
The Ashley Community First Grant Panel is made up of eight residents from across the Ashley ward who will be awarding over £50,000 in grants until March 2015.

The Ashley Community First Grant Panel will support Ashley focused projects that address one or more of the following priorities:

1. Events/activities/sports, which bring together people from different cultural and all other backgrounds who would not normally come together.

2. Sharing skills and knowledge projects, visits, and skill swaps. Activities which help people share skills and or/knowledge particularly between groups who would not otherwise come together

3. Activities that address a poor quality environment such as litter, graffiti tagging, fly-posting, run down/disused buildings, pavements, public places and green space.

Application Deadline: 9:00am, Monday 1st October 2012

Community First Grant contributions - £250 minimum / £2,000 maximum (Projects must be “match funded” which can include costs for volunteer time. This means the minimum project value will be at least £500.)

Application process
and here

Completed application forms must be emailed to here

Hard copies of applications will not be accepted. Any applications received past the 9:00am, Monday 1st October deadline will not be considered. Project Completion Deadline: One year from award of grant

Update on Neighbourhood Partnership stuff April 2012
What is a neighbourhood partnership?
Text from Bristol City Council site: The Neighbourhood Partnership meets four times a year. It is a meeting that anyone can attend to observe but only members of the Partnership can participate in the meetings. Key issues that the Partnership is considering include drug dealing, protecting and maintaining green spaces, employment and training for young people and maintaining good cleansing standards on our streets.
If you are a resident of the area and have a concern or issue you’d like the Partnership to consider, your best course of action is to attend your local Neighbourhood Forum. These are ward meetings where residents can find out about things happening in their area and also raise issues one to one with officers working in the neighbourhood.

How is St Werburghs involved?
Did you know that local issues are and can be raised at regular meetings, at which council officers who provide services to us attend for information sharing and taking comments/proposals from residents? Well, you can. NP's are the umbrella group and decision making body. They amongst other things decide on how to spend small budgets delegated from Bristol City Council for local spending with supposedly residents input. Whatismore, SWNA have 2 representatives on the NP meetings. Henry Bassadone and Lori Streich. Observers are welcome and may speak, but not vote.

How can residents be involved?
All residents can go to the neighbourhood forum meetings .Ashley Neighbourhood Forum (Montpelier, Werbs, St. Paul's, St. St Andrews and Stokes Croft)
There is a chance to discuss neighbourhood issues which you can ask to be included on the agenda, but then there is a 'market place' style opportunity to sit with council officer to talk about your issue round a table. Traffic engineers, waste services, safer bristol, police and councillors to name but a few attend the meeting.
Dates: the next Ashley Forum meetings are on 2nd July and 3rd October.
Website link for all else you need here Contact us at SWNA direct if you want help to raise an issue or just contact the forum staff themselves. Diane is the bristol city council officer who coordinates the forum.
Diane Dodd
0117 9039934

More decisions are being made that impact on us and not enough local people are involved or even know about these meetings - therefore SWNA will be from now on coordinating the communication of agendas and issues affecting St Werbs both to all of the community groups in the area and on this website for general interest.

Judy Preston
Chair SWNA

Update on Neighbourhood Partnership stuff 20th September 2011
Web editor- Neighbourhood Partnerships have been going for a couple of years now and attracting some resources. St Werburghs, for better or worse, is lodged in the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill NP. It's a huge inner city area and not easy to get our voice heard. At present Henry Bassadone of St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association is the only local voice at their meetings. There are at least 4 important things they are looking at (and have some funding for) at the moment - Parks and Green Spaces, the whole structure of the Neighbourhood Partnership and traffic and wellbeing grants.

Parks and Green Spaces
The Neighbourhood Partnership is developing an investment plan for parks and green spaces. The plan which will be considered by ward councillors at the December meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership. Once agreed it will inform how devolved funding is allocated to parks and green spaces. This is an important piece of work for the area and will be of particular interest to resident/parks groups. Last year the Council published its ‘Parks and Green Spaces Strategy’ for consultation. Some of you will have responded to this document. Using the feedback the Council Parks Team is making a number of recommendations about the priorities for the Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill area. The full document explaining the process and the recommendations is available here
Web editor- It suggests some improvement of play facilities in Mina Rd Park, maybe linking it with Ashley St Park, and improving fencing for St Werburghs Pk (which has now been done.) Looks like nothing as usual for Narroways.

Membership of the Neighbourhood Partnership
The NP is reviewing the membership of the Neighbourhood Partnership. There are four possible ways of going forward set out in the document available here (and a list of current members here). Three options will be presented to the NP for consideration at its meeting on the 5th October. We would like to hear from you which option or options you prefer? We will pass your feedback to the NP meeting in October. The NP will then need to decide which option should be developed during October, November for agreement at the December meeting. Web editor- This is very complicated but the present option means St Werburghs (and Montpelier and St Andrews) are hugely under represented. The other options would improve the balance but may lead to an oversized group. See here

Traffic & Environment
Some funding to help with minor traffic schemes (e.g. pedestrian crossing) and cleaning up grotty spaces is devolved to ward councillors. If you have suggestions or ideas please let us know. All these items were discussed at the Ashley Neighbourhood Forum and will be discussed at the Easton & Lawrence Hill Forum on Tuesday 13th September, 6.30-8.30 at the City Academy.

Wellbeing Grants Now Open
The next round of Wellbeing Grants, which are small grants awarded by the Neighbourhood Partnership to local community projects is now open. Click here to read the criteria and click here for the application form. The deadline for applications is 8am on Monday 7th November 2011. If you would like any further information or guidance call Diane Dodd on 0117 903 9932 or email

Web editor - Those are the highlights - if you want your say on local parks, traffic, grants and how we are represented then follow the links above.

Update from Henry 29th September 2010

I went along to the NP meeting this last wed 29 Sept 2010. These meetings are Bristol Council answer to involving the community and residents of each area. The idea is that we as residents can influence how Bristol Council runs things. These somewhat unwieldy bodies are again trying to re-invent the wheel BUT it is what is happening now and will be the method for a while. As residents we have to engage with them otherwise we will not know what is being decided. The NF is a more informal meeting that will feed into the NP eventually.

Our NP is made up of Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill. Ashley is right now represented by mainly St Pauls Unlimited and me for St Werburghs.
So here is a very short summary of what happened:
Until we can find a better method of representation this group will be the reps until end of 2011 or earlier if we can decide how to elect members!
Parks; Street Cleaning; Recycling; Clean & Green A mix of private and council run organisations supply all these services meant for us residents. There is a list of their contact duties.
What came out of the meeting was that most people don't think these very services are actually been done!!. So its not are they spending the money in the right places (good question though?) but why aren't the contractors doing their job??
So by going to the council website you can find out what they are supposed to have done (how many times clean your street, empty bins in the park, etc) and report back if it was done. It's a start but these little things add up to the services we are paying for.

Next NF meeting: 1st November 2010, 6.00 - 8.30pm, St Pauls Learning and Family Centre
Next NP meeting: Wednesday 15th December 2010, 6.30 - 8.30pm, Venue changed: Now at the Barton Hill Settlement (Terrace Room)
Next update will be after 15 Dec meeting
Henry Bassadone Acting rep until we can sort out some form of elections!

The new Neighbourhood Partnerships in Bristol are the council's response to recent Govt legislation on involving communities in improving their neighbourhoods. Ours is going to be the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill NP. This NP is the last to be launched in the city it seems, and the inaugural meeting will be on 10th February. (details below). It is open to all residents and community and voluntary groups in the area and is intended as a forum to bring together ideas for local improvement to services and environment. Furthermore, Voscur website ( ) explains the Bristol Neighbourhood Partnerships. I would recommend you listen to these 2 webcasts too on You Tube, as they explain it all quite well. and (this is a 2 part video on Neighbourhood Partnerships. )

Now, less of the cynicism please ..... lets be positive. I will be going anyway as a member of the St. Werbs Brooks /planning group, but any one of you can attend!!!

Representation ..... as I said, any one can go to these meetings. I am making a plea however, that in the interest of sharing information, if anyone goes to these meetings and the spin off meetings that will surely happen, please could you use this section of the website to post what you found out, whats going on ... ? Anything you feel others would wish to know in our neighbourhood. Voscur are running a FREE training session on representing your community. (got to training section on their website for more info)
JUDY PRESTON (the Brooks woman)

Inaugral meeting of the Inner City Neighbourhood Partnership
They are inviting residents, community and voluntary groups to the inaugral meeting of the Inner City Neighbourhood Partnership to be help at the City Academy in Easton. If they know you are coming they will send you an agenda in advance of the meeting. Please contact the SPU office on 9039934 to confirm your attendance or just turn up! they hope to see you on the 10th.
Penny Germon Neighbourhood Manager St Pauls Neighbourhood Management Team St Agnes Lodge Thomas St. St Pauls BS2 9LJ Tel. 0117 9039934 (admin) /32 (direct)

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