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Lynmouth Road allotment campaign

Lynmouth Road Allotments
There have probably been allotments in the open space between Lynmouth Road and the railway embankment, on and off, since the First World War. After a period of decline they were restored in the late 1970s by a youth work creation scheme and have been in continuous use and very popular with locals ever since.

When British Rail sold the land back in the mid 1990s the Scout Enterprise organisation stepped in to protect the allotments from development while also protecting the scout hall (now known as the Jack Brimble Centre). Scout Enterprises have never had any involvement in the running of site. The lack of any water supply on the site was balanced by the relatively low costs for an allotment and the allotment holders basically took responsibility for their fencing, site clearances, maintenance and management of the site.

Allotments at Risk
Scout Enterprises went into administration towards the end of last year and the independent assurance, tax and advisory firm, Grant Thornton, now manage their affairs. The allotment group formed a formal Allotment Association and affiliated themselves with the National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd. and made contact with the Liquidators. They have also entered into discussions with local councillors, Jon Rogers, and the Mayoral Cabinet member for the Environment, Gus Hoyt to look at the best way forward for a secure future for these allotments. The reality is, this land has always been green space, it is denoted as a 'site of conservation interest'in the 1997 Bristol Local Plan and as a 'site of nature conservation interest' BC59 & DM19 and 'important open space' BC9, DM15, DM17 & DM17 on Bristol City Council's Site Allocation Development Management draft of January 2013. The allotments are also fairly regularly subject to flooding, both from the local stream and the high groundwater level. It has also been managed as allotments for decades and the existing group are determined that it will continue to be so for a long time to come.

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