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Neighbourhood Association

SWNA stands for St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association.

Update April 2012
At a January annual general meeting, the local Traffic group, Parks group and Brooks planning group gave updates on progress and a new steering group was elected. After many years of great community activity, SWNA had been quiet of late -- serving as an umbrella group to very active groups like Brooks planning group, but the new steering group want to improve communications between ALL the different groups working in St Werburghs and try to keep all residents in the loop.

Here's the new steering group.
Chair: Judy Preston 07908219834
Treasurer: Rob re elected.
Henry Bassadone: Secretary
Committee members: Lori Streich, Sarah Agarwal, Suzannah Van Moyland, Harry Mcphillamy, Matloob Hussain, Naomi Roberts

We are getting our heads around neighbourhood partnership meetings and have held a couple of steering group meetings. (minutes attached) The next SWNA update on this site will report on the committment SWNA intend to give to representing St Werburghs at neighbourhood partnership meetings and how we wish to involve more people in getting involved .... a full residents meeting is coming up too.

You can contact us by emailing this website. Or by calling Judy on 0117 9411995

Update January 2012
SWNA Minutes Wednesday 7th December 2011

1) Introduction. Discussion of SWNA from the past 12 months by Henry.

2) Finance. Rob passed out summaries of the financial year. There is no income at present so approx. 500 has gone on the website leaving approx. 700 not allocated.

3) Traffic. There has been a increase in commuter traffic through St Werburghs. Local consultations have taken place and the main problems were identified in four hotspots:
1. Mina Road and roads to the east of Mina Road.
2. Sevier St (speeding down the one way zone).
3. Sevier St no crossing outside Better Food Co.
4. Magdalene Place and Conduit St being a short cut to the St Paul's roundabout.
This has gone to BCC then there will be a consultation with the community, two sets of people directly and non-directly affected. This is planned to go through in March 2012 for go-ahead. Sarah Agarwal led the discussion on this point.

4) Brooks Dye Works.There is a further meeting planned re: Brooks on Wednesday 4th January 2012. This is an example of community planning. Discussion of key points from the consultation is available on the SWNA website. The agencies are looking for a mixed used of the land space residential and workspace. Plans for an open meeting for the near neighbours to the site, which could include intermediate plans for the site's use. The newsletter goes to the roads directly around the site. The building can not and will not be made listed. Judy Preston led the discussion on this point.

5) Parks. This was led by the Mina Road park group which now includes St Werburghs park and Ashley St park. Plans are to extend the play area to the Brooks' site and for there to be an entrance from Ashley Parade to Mina Road park. Other ideas include adding colour to the park. The group meet every second Tuesday of the month at Parkway Methodist Centre. Next meeting is Tuesday 13th December 2011.

6) Narroways. Narroways is looked after by the Millennium Green Trust. Discussion of events which have taken place especially including young people, schools and environmental groups. Main plans are to manage the woodlands more (with plans and community workforce). The next meeting is Sunday 11th December at 8pm in the Miners Arms and the next community workforce day is Saturday 10th December.

7) Billboards. The anti-billboard group are no longer active, but have had discussion recently with a French anti-billboard group. Earlier the group had been instrumental in bringing down the number of billboards from 13 to 7, with one now owned by 'Burghs Arts' for displaying local art work. The campaign could re-start if more people get involved. Credit to the Scrapstore for their recent planting of 2 trees.

8) Nominations. Annual nominations were made. Henry Bassadone is to step down as Chair to become an Secretary of SWNA. Judy Preston will be Chair. Naomi Roberts as an officer, Suzanna van Moyland as an officer, Sarah Agarval as an officer, Matloob Hussain as an officer. Harry will remain as vice-Chair and Rob as treasurer.

9) AOB. Any news to be forwarded to Harry to go on the website. Discussion about the new Islamic centre in St Werburghs led by Matloob Hussain.


For many years some residents had organised themselves informally to unite over issues that cropped up in St Werburghs.

In 1999 SWNA became a recognised organisation with a Constitution and bank accounts.

The SWNA can act as a channel for the residents over issues, concerns and ideas.

Over the last few years the SWNA has had many groups looking at Traffic, Gatton Rd, Mary Secole Court, Transco, Home Zones, Scrapyard, Education, etc.

SWNA formed a group called Safer Streets. Safer Streets did an audit of actual and perceived Crime and Disorder in St Werburghs. This produced a report with many issues and concerns. See sub heading.

Also Mina Matters was created. This was a local newspaper run by volunteers producing an issue every 2 months. 15 street reps deliver this to every household in St Werburghs and various groups, schools and organisations.

The SWNA Officers were as follows:

  • Chair: Kerry Hall
  • Vice Chair: Henry Bassadone
  • Treasurer: Jackie Boden
  • Secretary: Jim Kinnaird

SWNA always needs more proactive members, so please don't feel intimidated as every little bit helps.

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